mandala-healing-center-aftercareAs treatment comes to an end and clients leave our campus, true addiction recovery begins. This is the vital time when an individual begins incorporating the healthy lifestyle strategies and routines they learned in treatment into their daily life. Recognizing this crucial challenge in an individual’s recovery, the Mandala Healing Center’s Aftercare Recovery Program provides unmatched support as the client transitions out of our intensive outpatient program, and integrates back into daily life. Our Aftercare Program consists of a variety of continuous care activities for lifetime support.

After leaving treatment, clients might wonder:

The Mandala Healing Center makes sure our graduates aren’t alone as they begin to address these challenges.

Evening groups, recovery workshops, and individual therapy sessions are some of the options that the individual and primary counselor will consider as part of a customized addiction treatment aftercare program.

Active alumni groups of graduates from Mandala also facilitate the creation and preservation of friendships made throughout the program, with individuals who completed the program months or years ago.

The Mandala Healing Center staff is committed to helping our clients develop the necessary life skills for a lifetime of health, sobriety and happiness, both during and long after their stay at our campuses.

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