Relapse Prevention versus Compulsive vs. Addictive Behaviors

Maintaining recovery from drug or alcohol abuse requires an appropriate relapse prevention plan. Since substance abuse does not always relate to temptations or cravings associated with an addiction, recognizing the signs of compulsive behaviors versus addictive behaviors will help determine the relapse prevention options that address the individual’s goals. According to Columbia University (1), compulsion … Continue reading Relapse Prevention versus Compulsive vs. Addictive Behaviors

Mandala Healing Center Teams up with Transformations Treatment Center

We are pleased to announce that after many years of providing exceptional care in Delray Beach, two of Florida’s best substance abuse treatment centers have joined forces. Transformations Treatment Center and the Mandala Healing Center have cemented their relationship through a strategic partnership, while continuing to maintain autonomous treatment facilities. The partnership, many months in the … Continue reading Mandala Healing Center Teams up with Transformations Treatment Center

Mindfulness: How It Works To Treat Addiction

Mindfulness, or the ability to focus one’s attention on thoughts and emotions experienced in response to stimuli, can be a productive tool in fighting drug addiction. When paired with cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness can help change reactive and addictive behavior, starting you on the path towards successful recovery.

A Little Exercise is Significantly Better Than None

What is holding you back from starting a workout program? Is it fear of failure? Is it thinking you can’t do a “big” feat, like running a 5k, so why bother? Don’t let these excuses stop you anymore! Study after study has shown that all it takes is a little bit of activity to make a big difference in your overall health.

Addiction – A Chronic Disease — The Mandala Healing Center

Addiction is a multi-faceted disease. It affects all aspects of your life, including your physical health, mental well-being and social circles. Because the effects of addiction run so deep, trying to get free of addiction on your own is going to lead to failure. Here’s why you shouldn’t try to do it on your own.

Alcoholism and Suicide – Mandala Healing Center

Alcohol dependency carries with it many different severe and significant risks, including a higher risk of suicide. Alcohol use and suicide are closely linked together. Alcohol is involved in nearly 7,500 suicides each year in the United States — or nearly 25 percent of all suicides in the country. In addition, people who suffer from alcoholism are 120 times more likely to contemplate or attempt suicide than people who are not dependent on alcohol.

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