As the healing journey on campus comes to an end, ongoing addiction recovery begins. The period of time when an individual first begins incorporating the healthy lifestyle strategies and routines they learned in treatment is crucial to that person’s long-term recovery. Mandala Healing Center’s case management team provides unmatched support as each client integrates back into his or her daily life.

We offer transitional living placement for graduates ready to move to a home-based living environment. Working closely with clients to find well-established, reputable transitional housing options that align with our values ensures a supportive environment for healthy, sober living.

Additionally, our Client Care Coordinators will find and set up appointments for continued medical follow up and medication management for a full year post discharge to help secure a smooth transition back into daily life. We also offer support with legal requirements and compliance with work leave requirements; we can provide documentation and follow up with institutions and employers.

To ensure our clients are fully set up for success, we provide a fully customized extended care program with customized length of stay options for those who choose to stay with us when they have successfully completed residential treatment. Our client care coordinators work hand in hand with our clients and our clinical team to plan an effective long term program, best suited to each client’s unique needs.


Aftercare Program


Mandala Healing Center makes sure graduates aren’t alone as they begin to address daily life challenges. Evening groups, recovery workshops, alumni groups and individual and group therapy sessions are some of the options that the individual’s case management team will consider as part of a customized addiction treatment aftercare program.


Life Skills Program


Learning the life skills needed for a productive, enjoyable, and sober life is a vital part of the addiction treatment and recovery process. Our compassionate case management team instructs clients in strategies and techniques uniquely designed to give them the best chance for success once they leave our campus. With vocational assistance as well volunteer opportunities, Mandala graduates gain the confidence to excel in a healthy and sober lifestyle that leads to lasting sobriety.

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