Parallel Family Program
When one family member suffers from addiction, it affects the whole family. Loving, living with, or caring for someone who needs drug addiction withdrawal help takes a tremendous toll on that individual’s entire support system.

Why It’s Needed

Addiction is a family disease. Everyone needs to heal.

This shared need for recovery is why Mandala Healing Center offers parallel family programming. As our clients work to heal from their personal diseases of addiction, their family members begin to constructively address their own unique feelings, behaviors, and fears regarding their addiction.

How It Works
Addiction Family ProgramOur staff works together as a team in collaboration with each family system while assisting and encouraging individual work. We have a full-time family therapist on staff designated specifically to support the family at all times. In addition, our three-day, family-focused program is free to all clients and their families.

Our three-day experience will support families to reconnect in a healthy nurturing way while teaching positive coping skills that address all stages of recovery and healing. Our facilitators utilize a variety of techniques to not only educate, but also to begin empowering, healing and helping families reconnect.

Family members are given gentle redirection and guidance to focus on their personal needs. This enables them to gain valuable self-awareness and insight into who they are, not just who they have become. Our goal for both the family and the client is to reunite them with their passions while guiding them in ways to live a full life – rather than just existing together in an unhealthy state of barely feeling alive.

This three-day family experience provides an opportunity to be part of the solution, not just the problem. While some family members may arrive angry, afraid and sometimes ashamed, by the end of the three days most report feeling a renewed sense of strength—and, what is more important, a tangible reason for hope.