Holistic Services

True Recovery Goes Beyond Treating The Addiction.

The missing link to complete healing and lifestyle change.

The Mandala Healing Center is committed to treating each client as already whole, creating a space for deep healing, self-love, and a new way of living. At Mandala, we provide the best treatment care for addiction ever created, combining experts in the medical field, experienced traditional clinicians, and cutting-edge holistic therapies and practitioners.

The word Mandala in the Eastern philosophy means cosmos or universe. Just as in a Mandala drawing, the cosmos is represented by the geometric design, as is each individual representing the energetic components of the Universe.

Our unique Holistic Program is designed to balance the individual’s inner and outer world. We treat each person with fully customized care within a beautiful, safe environment for permanent healing. We strive to awaken enthusiasm for living a new lifestyle free of dependencies and addictions forever.

There are five key components to complete healing and a full lifestyle change:

  • Forgivenes
  • Purification
  • Knowledge
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Gratitude

Our therapies have been carefully chosen to help balance brain chemistry and release trauma at a cellular level, decreasing chances of relapse.

The holistic facilitators will provide knowledge and guidance on several life enhancing techniques to ensure a stable mind-body-spirit connection and integration. In our group classes and private sessions, clients will learn how to let go of the past, how to cleanse the body through movement and nutrition, how to have better relationships with self and others, and how to create a new beginning from gratitude.