Ken Seeley: Ethics, Boundaries & Corporate Culture

Ken Seeley

In preparation for our upcoming Recovery Resources Workshop, we wanted to sit down with Ken Seeley of Intervention911 to discuss the topic of this educational event.


Can you tell us why corporate culture is so important in the treatment field?

Some providers are looking for shortcuts. To have our mission statements carry through for everyone who works at a treatment facility is important for the patients and families that we serve.

What are the biggest mistakes providers make regarding ethics?

Two problems that we are currently seeing are abusing insurance carriers by over-billing for drug testing, and human trafficking; sending patients to the highest bidder. Shame on the center for buying and shame on the marketing companies for selling them.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions or myths about ethics?

People think they are in the grey area when they are really in the red when breaking ethical boundaries within our industry. Our industry should be continually consulting with colleagues when it comes to ethical practices and the care we provide to our patients and their families. This workshop is an opportunity for others who hold themselves to hight ethical standards to come together and consult with one another.

How would attending the workshop benefit attendees? 

This is an opportunity to bring leaders in our industry together and brainstorm on ethical practices and marketing strategies to save more lives. It gives treatment industry professionals a chance to create one voice, when communicating with patients and families. Often times we are communicating different messages, and doing that can keep families sick! We are losing the lives we aim to save!

If you are interested in participating in a brainstorming session with industry leaders regarding this topic, register here. Space is limited.

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