The Mandala Healing Center is pleased to offer our clients the medical expertise of triple-board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Darryl Appleton. As our medical director, Dr. Appleton recognizes that many individuals with a history of substance abuse attempt to self-medicate in order to manage underlying problems with depression, anxiety, and trauma. These unique conditions need to managed therapeutically in a thorough way prior to addressing the more discernible drug and alcohol addictions.

We offer in-house drug and alcohol counseling, expert medical and nursing care, including psychiatric services addressing depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorders, and other co-occurring disorders. Our highly trained medical nursing team is actively involved with our clients, providing individualized medical treatment tailored to their specific needs.

When appropriate, we also refer clients to expert medical specialists off-site. We are happy to collaborate with other medical professionals whenever needed to ensure that all clients receive the best care possible. At Mandala, lasting sobriety and life-long recovery are our highest goals, which is why we believe a carefully coordinated team approach is always best.