North Campus

A serene healing environment provides a level of comfort and safety that influences a client’s positive attitude and response to treatment. The Mandala Healing Center is a retreat-like sanctuary situated on a peaceful 8-acre campus in West Palm Beach. Designed to allow individuals to focus completely on healing — body, mind and spirit – the campus offers a premium living environment along with expert treatment services. When a client is first entering recovery, protection and structure are critical. Providing a quiet space, which allows clients to distance themselves from outside distractions, gives them the opportunity to begin to heal from within. 


South Campus

Mandala Healing Center firmly believes that a long-term, full continuum of care is critically important to lasting sobriety. As our clients transition to our South Campus in Boca Raton, they are given more freedom to utilize the valuable skills they have learned while in our care. Clients progress through our evidenced-based curriculum to enter intensive outpatient and life skills programs while residing safely in our gender-segregated, transitional living environments. This supportive community empowers clients to prepare for healthy lives of wholeness in the outside world. 

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