Professional Referrals

It is a priority of the Mandala Healing Center to align ourselves with other like-minded professionals that uphold the same level of ethical practices and clinical integrity that we pride ourselves on. We value true partnerships with our industry peers, and have a deep appreciation for our current and future referring addiction treatment professionals.

Trustworthy Care

We take pride in the level of service we provide to our referents. We understand that entrusting us with a client’s care is a privilege, and it’s one we take seriously. Our Clinical Outreach Liaisons are highly accessible and available to assist around the clock. Their primary objective is to help referents determine clinical appropriateness of clients for our programs and ensure a smooth and seamless admissions process.

Setting Up Clients for Success

Referent communication is a top priority for the entire staff at Mandala. Our therapists provide timely updates and progress reports to referents from day one throughout discharge planning. We know that working collaboratively with our referents helps to ensure each client is set up for success upon discharge and throughout their continuum of care. We appreciate that you are a vital part of your client’s success in treatment.

If you would like to learn more about our program, and are interested in establishing a referral relationship with us, please contact Britt Bonner, our Director of Clinical Outreach at (615) 806 4560.

Call for A Confidential Consultation: 877-775-2150

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