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Brett Riolo

Director of Clinical Integrity

Brett Riolo has been with the Mandala Healing Center, formerly The Delray Recovery Center, since it opened. Brett oversees all operational and administrative procedures at our residences. He supervises the residential staff and ensures they provide the highest standard of care to our clients at all times.

Brett works closely with the clinical team to review the progress of our clients and address any needs for clinical intervention. He coordinates with the therapists and ensures that our clients are given the appropriate attention and care they need to overcome any barriers to their treatment.

Brett also oversees the transportation of our clients, including pickups from the airport and transport to any appointments within Mandala or outside of the facility.

Brett has a BA in Journalism, with a minor in Business from Marist College. He is originally from Carmel, NY.

Call for A Confidential Consultation: 877-775-2150

Upholding the absolute highest standards of client care.