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Britt Bonner

Vice President of Business Development and Admissions

As Vice President of Business Development and Admissions at the Mandala Healing Center, Britt is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with industry professionals that share our beliefs and practices. He oversees our team of clinical outreach coordinators and admissions staff, providing the resources and tools they need, and implementing processes to ensure a seamless workflow. Britt also helps centralize communication between referents, our admissions team, and our clinical staff.

Previously, Britt served as an admissions liaison for a national referent base comprised of therapists, psychiatrists, interventionists, case managers, and other industry professionals. He worked with business development teams, CEOs, and facility personnel to ensure a smooth and efficient admissions process. Britt played an integral role in developing a network of industry-leading interventionists, as well as recruiting and training admissions personnel.

Britt earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Emory University in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

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