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Kathryn Steward, CAC

Director of Client Services

Kat Steward has 16 years of experience working in the field of drug and alcohol treatment. Starting her career as a Behavioral Health Technician, she quickly knew she was destined for this work. She moved quickly into a supervisory position, and is now the Mandala Healing Center’s Director of Client Services.

As Director, Kat oversees the day to day operations of the residential program as well as managing the Behavioral Heath Technician staff.

“Attending to a client’s needs is of the utmost importance. This allows the client to focus on his or her treatment and obtain the best possible head start into their recovery. Working with newly recovering individuals and providing them with a safe, loving, and structured environment where balance and wellness can be achieved is my passion and goal.”

Kat is originally from Savannah Georgia.

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