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Laura Haskell

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager at the Mandala Healing Center, Laura manages the development of strategic marketing plans and subsequent tactics and ensures their implementation creates a cohesive voice and brand messaging that encompasses critical marketing platforms to reach the right people at the right time. Laura also works collaboratively with Mandala’s clinical outreach team to ensure consistent messaging of the company’s brand, core values, and objectives.

Laura has a strong passion for addiction treatment and recovery. She is driven by high ethical standards and a desire to provide help for people when they are most in need. She makes sure that all of Mandala’s marketing efforts are implemented with innovation, analytical execution, and human compassion.

Prior to joining the Mandala Healing Center, Laura spent years both working actively in the field of addiction treatment as well as at premiere digital marketing agencies. It became clear to her that she was meant to integrate her skills and knowledge of marketing with her passion for wellness and recovery.

Laura has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Saint Leo University, with a concentration in Marketing. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Laura has called many cities home over the years, and now resides in Boynton Beach, FL with her dog, Jackson.

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