At the Mandala Healing Center, we are sensitive to the fact that every person we treat comes from a different background and has a unique set of needs. Our wide array of addiction treatment offerings allows us to cater to each client’s strengths, and find the programs and activities that work best for each person. Our evidenced-based programs and holistic methods are designed to keep clients engaged in treatment and develop the necessary life strategies and skills to sustain long-term sobriety and achieve optimal health and internal balance.

The following programs and activities are offered at the Mandala Healing Center. Staff and clients work together to determine the best programs for each individual:

Individual Therapy

Our clinicians develop close relationships with clients to build trust and expose the root causes of their addiction. Our highly trained treatment team has expertise in the fields of alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Each client has a primary therapist who develops and manages their personalized treatment plan, as well as maintains communication with the families and referents.

Group Therapy

Interactive group therapy sessions focus on disease concept education, spirituality, trauma, cognitive distortions, coping skills, relapse prevention, self-esteem, stress management, anger management, codependency, communication skills, defense mechanisms, goal-setting, and family systems.

Family Therapy

Family support is an important part of achieving long-term recovery. For this reason, we involve a client’s family in the treatment process whenever possible. We help heal broken relationships and educate the family about how to help their loved one throughout and after the addiction treatment process. We also host a comprehensive family-focused family program every 6 weeks that consists of educational components, experiential groups, and individual sessions. As our clients heal, it is necessary for families to heal as well. This program gives families the ability to understand addiction, mend relationships, increase effective communication, and learn to set healthy boundaries.

Art Therapy

When words fail to describe or express thoughts and feelings, art therapy creates a new line of communication for creative self-discovery. With an eye turned inward, art therapy uses the line, form, space, texture, color, and music as a unique and expressive new language.

Spiritual Workshops

Individuals are encouraged to explore their own personal views of life. Experienced professionals provide guidance to question and discover spirituality, religion, and nature in an environment free of judgment.

Health & Wellness Program

Health and wellness are critical foundations to overall well-being. In addition to evidence-based therapies and clinical treatments, we offer supportive therapies and activities such as:

Healthy Meal Planning

Learning how to plan and create nutritious meals is a cornerstone to healthy living. Armed with healthy ingredients and the guidance of a licensed dietician, clients will not only learn which ingredients to select, but also how to prepare healthy and satisfying foods.

12 Step Programs

The Mandala Healing Center believes the 12-step process is a great tool that can help achieve lasting sobriety. Because of this, we require our clients to attend outside and inside meetings to become familiar with these programs, connect with a sponsor, and develop solid recovery support systems.

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