What To Bring

What should I bring with me upon admission to the Mandala Healing Center?

At Mandala, we understand that this can be a stressful time for you and your family. We want to do everything we can to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. Below is a list of items you can and cannot bring with you to our facilities.


Pack comfortable, Lightweight, “wash and wear” casual clothing to last 7-10 days

Acceptable Items

  • Long-length Bermuda shorts, pants (casual skirts
    or dresses are acceptable)
  • Shirts, lightweight jacket
  • Exercise attire and shoes
  • Bathing suits, cover-ups, pool/beach shoes
  • Pajamas, robe, slippers
  • Underwear and socks
  • Comfortable, practical shoes
  • Watch
  • Clothes appropriate for interviewing and looking for work, including dress pants, collared shirt, blouse and skirt or dress, work shoes (be conscious of comfort so as to not pack shoes that are not suitable for walking).
Unacceptable Items

  • Fancy, expensive clothing
  • Dry clean only clothing
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Revealing clothing
  • Clothing identifying any alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes

Medicine & Food

Acceptable Items

  • Prescription medications in original, labeled containers. Prescriptions will be refilled through The Delray Recovery Center, so please do not order additional supply before arrival
Unacceptable Items

  • OTC (over the counter) medicines and vitamins
  • Any type of food or candy
  • Medical testing devices unless you have specific permission from admissions counselor


Acceptable Items

  • Journal
  • Alarm clock
  • Reading materials (optional)
Unacceptable Items

  • Bedding and pillows
  • Stuffed animals
  • Bottle openers and Leatherman-type tools
  • Lighter fluid refills
  • Markers (toxic)

Contact Information & Identification

  • Contact information for physician(s)
  • Contact information for family members and/or close friends
  • Driver’s license, health insurance card


We recommend families set up an Individual Cash Account for their loved one upon arrival. Individuals will not have direct access to this account. They may submit a weekly request form to withdraw money for therapist-approved ancillary expenses (toiletries, tobacco products, etc.)

Call for A Confidential Consultation: 877-775-2150

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