10 Famous Indian Dishes That Taste Delicious

Indian food and cuisine is beloved around the world. This type of food is varied, versatile, and can be eaten on the go or as a feast! Contrary to popular belief, it does not always have to be overly spicy. Many spices are used in all Indian dishes, but no matter what food preferences you have, you will be able to find a tasty food that suits you.

Here are the top ten most famous Indian dishes in their rich culinary culture:

1. Biryani

This is a famous Indian rice-based dish that can include meat, fish or vegetables. It is popular in most of India and each region puts its own unique twist on this classic Indian dish. You will find a whole variety of spices used in any biryani dish including nutmeg, mace, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, and ginger. This is a great dish to try as you explore India as it is lighter on the stomach than most of the yogurt based curries.

The origins of the biryani stem from Persia, however, the dish has evolved over time and is now very much a part of the Indian culinary experience.

2. Butter Chicken

This is one of the most famous Indian dishes that you can find. The thick orange/red sauce is mildly spiced but with a huge punch of flavour. Butter chicken hails from the Punjab region of India. Just like most of the meals that you will find in this list, there are countless variations of this dish to be found all throughout India. Family recipes that have been passed down throughout the generations are now closely guarded secrets.

3. Dosa

From the southern part of India, a Dosa is a delicious savoury pancake type food. It is crispy and made with fermented rice batter. It also used black lentils in the recipe too. These can be eaten on their own or with another Indian dish. They are eaten with your hands and can be of great help when you want to clean up the delicious bits of curry sauce left on your plate.

Dosa can also come in many other forms stuffed with cheese or anything at all. It is as versatile as a soft taco shell. When you are travelling to India, be sure to try out this famous Indian dish!

4. Tandoori Chicken

Many people are surprised to learn that the word Tandoori does not refer to a recipe. Actually, it is the cooking oven that it refers to. A tandoor oven is essentially a large clay pit that has a coal fire at its base. The heat is carefully controlled the amount of air that is allowed in and out of the pit. The temperature inside a tandoor can reach up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is this method of cooking chicken at such high temperatures that gives it that brilliant charred taste.

5. Naan bread

We would be remiss if we were discussing tandoors and not mention naan bread. This is cooked by slapping some dough onto the inside of a tandoor and then removing it after a short time once it is cooked. Naan bread can come in a variety of flavours. A personal favourite is garlic naan. Other varieties include paneer, chilli, cheese, and more.

6. Samosas

These famous Indian dishes are the perfect snack. They are usually triangular in shape and a delicious pastry holds a pocket of either meat or vegetable filling. Samosas are deep fried and can be eaten hot or cold.

The filling of a samosa is typically a potato, lentils, peas and onions. Meat options include chicken and beef.

7. Lamb kebabs

This is possibly one of the best ways to cook lamb. Nice juicy bite-size pieces of lamb are marinated in spices for a long time and then placed on a stick. Once the marinade has done its work, the kebabs are then cooked over a charcoal fire. The flavourful meat is spiced to perfection and the charred flavour of the grill takes this food up a notch.

An alternative method of cooking lamb kebabs is the sheek kebab. This is when the lamb is minced and heavily spiced before grilling on a stick.

8. Daal Makhni

This is one of the most famous Indian dishes in Punjab and is loved by all of the people of Northern India. This dish is made with black lentils, kidney beans and white butter. As with most sauce based dishes, Dall Makhni is often eaten with rotis or naan bread. These help to soak up the sauce so that you can literally clean your plate.

9. Keema

Minced meat cooked until it is dry over a slow fire forms the base for this dish. Often served for breakfast and eaten with chapattis or naan. Simple and delicious, it is no wonder why so many people in India like to start there day with Keema. You can also find Keema as a filling inside naan bread.

10. Rogan josh

This is a curry dish of Persian origin usually made with lamb or goat. It is very popular across India and once you have it you may find yourself craving it. The sauce is tomato-based and very flavourful. The name is derived from the Persian words for oil (Rogan) and heat (Josh).

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