10 Switching from Smoking to Vaping Benefits

Cigarette and tobacco smoking has been known as one of the critical causes of heart and lung diseases, among other related issues. Chemicals contained in cigarettes build up in arteries as they get enclosed by fatty acids raising the chances of a deathly blockage.

That’s why researchers and experts create vapes as an alternative to cigarette smokers who otherwise risk their health and life. According to a study conducted at the University of Washington, 67% of tobacco/cigarette smokers who shifted to vaping are now living healthier lives.

Switching from smoking to vaping comes with a bucket of benefits. Here are ten benefits of switching from smoking to vaping:

Benefit #1: Safety

Several countries have accepted the use of vapes at a higher percentage than cigarettes or tobacco. This is because vapes contain very few chemical risks and do not produce carbon monoxide or tar, which could be harmful. This aspect improves the senses of taste and smell and, even better, lowers the chances of heart and lung diseases.

Additionally, no research has proven that vaping affects those sitting next to you. This makes it even safer to use even around non-vapers. Generally, the environment is safer with vaping than smoking.

Benefit #2: No Toxic Odors

Unlike smoking, vaping does not attach smoke to your car, clothes, or house. Its aroma differs from the stale smell of cigarette butts and smoke. Even with tobacco-flavoured vapes, you won’t smell anything near burning tobacco. You might even get compliments from lots of people due to the sweet aroma of the vaping pen.

Benefit #3: Control Over Nicotine Ingestion

Vaping offers you complete control over your nicotine intake, as they come in different strengths, ranging from free, medium, to high nicotine strength. You can decide the exact amount of nicotine you want in your vape or opt for nicotine-free ones. This innovation has helped many smokers with their ‘Stop Smoking Journey,’ as they can monitor their nicotine intake progress along the way.

Benefit #4: Vaping Is Slightly Affordable

In the large and competitive vaping market, there are plenty of products with different prices (ranging from $10 to $100+) to accommodate all the users. Whether you like a sophisticated and fancy vape mode and class e-liquid or the simple disposable ones, you can’t miss a vape that suits your preferences.

Vapes also last a long period without replenishing or replacing them daily. You’re guaranteed the value of your money back!

Benefit #5: Offers a Variety of Flavours

Unlike cigarettes or tobacco, there is an endless list of vape juice flavour options to choose from. You’re exposed to different experiences than you would with smoking. These flavours include tobacco, menthol, mint, beverages, desserts, fruits, and many more. Even better, you can also have a mix-up of several flavours.

You can also customize your cost-effective flavours to fit your liking; this mainly suits those with particular allergies. Therefore, the chances of running out of flavours are very minimal.

Benefit #6: Offer Convenience

While many organizations have banned smoking within and near their premises, you can easily vape in any location, indoors or outdoors. Several countries have set aside vaping zones and shops, making it even more convenient for you. Essentially, rules and regulations regarding vaping aren’t as strict as those related to smoking.

Benefit #7: Vapour Output Control

While there’s no control over how much cigarette vapour to inhale, vape pens come in various sizes. The smaller ones with low vapour volumes allow you to control the amount of smoke you take. For cloud chasers, vaping has larger vape pens for your convenience. There are also adjustable vape pens that allow you to raise or lower the vapour flow accordingly.

Benefit #8: Distribution of Feel-Good Hormones

Most mental health patients with schizophrenia, depression and anxiety often smoke cigarettes or tobacco to calm their minds. Vaping is a safer alternative as it contains reasonable amounts of nicotine known for igniting positive transformations in a person’s mental health.

Nicotine consumption activates several neurotransmitters in your body, which discharge happy hormones like dopamine. Nicotine vapes are also being used to treat schizophrenia and anxiety patients.

Benefit #9: Manages Chronic Pain

Cannabis plant-derived components (Cannabidiol, CBD) have proven to carry several benefits, such as pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Vapes highly concentrated with Cannabidiol can be administered to patients with chronic. This component then interacts with endocannabinoid receptors responsible for a calm mind and body. Therefore, as a patient with chronic ailments, you can opt to vape CBD extracts to manage your condition.

Benefit #10: Finally

Generally, vaping is the safest alternative to smoking tobacco or cigarettes. This blog puts you ahead of all other vapers who otherwise don’t know the importance of vaping over smoking. Although smoking has detrimental consequences, vape pens are associated with health benefits. Therefore, embrace this effective technique of vape pens to quit traditional smoking and enjoy the benefits of this technology.

  • Gretchen is a free-spirited blogger focused on ways to improve her spiritual and emotional health. She uses the MANDALA HEALS blog to dispense advice, tutorials & guides on various topics.

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