11 Best Beauty Gurus on YouTube

If you like learning new fashion tips, or if you enjoy watching makeup tutorials, you probably already watched at least a few Youtube videos from popular beauty gurus.

Whenever you are looking for some cosmetic inspiration to refresh your look, you know you can count on beauty vloggers to present you some amazing ideas. Here are 11 of the best beauty gurus on Youtube.

1. Jeffree Star

When it comes to the best beauty gurus on YouTube, many people would easily put Jeffree Star on top of their lists. With his magnetic personality and undeniable charisma, it’s easy to see why he is one of the best beauty gurus on YouTube.

Jeffree Star rose to fame in 2006, when he started posting his songs on his MySpace page. Since then, the singer, songwriter, model, makeup artist and fashion designer has also created his own fashion and cosmetics line.

Jeffree currently has 12,899,077 subscribers on his Youtube channel. His videos mostly attract a younger audience, and his popular cosmetics line features eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and velour liquid lipstick.

Follow one of the best beauty gurus, Jeffree Star, on his YouTube channel.

2. Nikkie De Jager

Nikkie de Jager, best known as NikkieTutorials, which is the name of her Youtube channel, currently has 11,641,800 followers. She started her channel in 2008, and her popularity has been growing ever since.

Nikkie is a professional makeup artist from the Netherlands. She has teamed up with the brand Too Faced so she could release her own cosmetics line. She has one of the best makeup YouTube channels with detailed instructions and hilarious anecdotes too.

Follow one of the most famous beauty gurus, Nikkie De Jager, on her YouTube channel.

3. Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel is another popular beauty guru that launched her own eyeshadow palettes, as well as a limited edition fashion line. Her Youtube channel was started in 2011, and currently has 6,166,869 subscribers.

Carli shares makeup tutorials, fashion tips, and her reviews of the most popular cosmetics lines. On her fashion blog, she is also sharing a few decor tips.

Follow one of the most popular beauty gurus, Carli Bybel, on her YouTube channel.

4. Promise Phan

Promise Phan started her “dope2111” Youtube channel in 2009, and she now has 5,641,330 subscribers. Her tutorials are a bit different from the ones offered by other beauty gurus, since she teaches her followers how to use makeup to transform themselves into celebrities and famous characters.

She is another one of the best makeup YouTube channels out there. Some of her transformations include Wonder Woman, Pennywise from IT, and many Disney princesses.

Follow one of the coolest beauty gurus, Promise Phan, on her YouTube channel.

5. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina started her Youtube channel in 2006, and she now has 2,918,247 subscribers. This proud woman of colour is often criticizing the beauty industry for makeup shade ranges that are not inclusive.

Like many Youtube beauty gurus, Jackie has partnered with different cosmetics brands to create her own products, with shades that are more inclusive for women of colour.

Follow one of the most knowledgeable beauty gurus, Jackie Aina, on her YouTube channel.

6. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is a professional makeup artist who started her channel in 2010. Like many beauty gurus, she became a star on Youtube, and she currently has 5,801,980 subscribers.

Jaclyn likes to share makeup reviews, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, and more with her fans. This famous YouTuber teamed up with cosmetics brands to create her own eyeshadow palette, and a highlighter kit.

Follow one of the most professional beauty gurus, Jaclyn Hill, on her YouTube channel.

7. Kathleen Fuentes

Kathleen Fuentes, known as KathleenLights on Youtube, started her channel in 2013. She is one of the best beauty YouTubers with 4,029,368 subscribers who are attracted to her friendly personality, and to her makeup reviews and tutorials.

Kathleen is passionate about skin care, hair care, and nail polish. In fact, she has her own brand of nail polish, KL Polish, which is free from a lot of the toxic chemicals present in other polish brands.

Follow one of the friendliest beauty gurus, Kathleen Fuentes, on her YouTube channel.

8. Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is an Australian beauty guru who started her Youtube channel in 2011. She now has 3,573,180 subscribers interested in her hair and makeup tutorials and her product reviews.

Lauren wants to encourage her fans to build up their self-confidence. Her approach to beauty is very simple, and she thinks that makeup should be used to enhance our features, not to hide them.

Follow one of the most motivational beauty gurus, Lauren Curtis, on her YouTube channel.

9. Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero started her Youtube channel in 2006, and she currently has 2,900,772 subscribers. She has been testing high-end beauty products, as well as affordable drugstore beauty products.

Nicole is the founder of Best Damn Beauty, a line of beauty products that include a firming serum, a makeup remover, a beauty oil, a cleanser and a moisturizer. She is one of the best YouTube makeup artists with tutorials that you can easily follow.

Follow one of the most glamorous beauty gurus, Nicole Guerriero, on her YouTube channel.

10. Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins started her Youtube channel in 2013, and she currently has 3,249,400 subscribers. She used to be a freelance makeup artist, and she now masters many complex beauty techniques, that she manages to clearly explain to her fans.

Desi is often presenting makeup tips to help people look like celebrities, when she is not explaining how to create unique looks for Halloween. She has her own makeup collection, as well as a sunglasses line.

Follow one of the most creative beauty gurus, Desi Perkins, on her YouTube channel.

11. Liza Milano

Liza Milano is a French beauty guru known as Coco Lili on Youtube. She started her channel in 2011, and she now has 570,295 subscribers. She also has a French channel, with only 3,262 subscribers for now.

Liza loves to create videos to share her love for everything beauty, fashion and fitness. Back in 2016, she also created her own line of scented candles.

Follow one of the fastest growing beauty gurus, Liza Milano, on her YouTube channel.

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