11 Best Burglar Deterrents to Prevent Home Invasions

How to prevent home burglaries starts with setting out the best burglar deterrents. Home security systems can be very expensive but they’re not always needed if you have the right deterrents in place. Prevent burglaries without going over-budget with the best burglar deterrents.

1. Strong doors

Strong, heavy doors prevents a burglar from being able to break in direct through the door. To come through a heavy door, more effort is required which means more noise and hopefully an unsuccessful attempt. For this reason, most homes and commercial facilities are equipped with large, thick doors that aren’t the easiest to open but which are there as a security and safety measure. To make your doors even stronger, consider installing a door alarm that will maximize the security in this area.

2. CCTV camera

If you have a clearly displayed video surveillance system in place, this is a sign to anyone who is interested in breaking into your home that someone’s watching. They’re inexpensive and can generally be found for under $100. Installing a camera is simple and there’s usually no monthly charge to use it. In fact, in this day and age of smart home security systems, you can even see your video camera from your smartphone from wherever you are for added peace of mind.

3. TV or radio on

When you leave a TV or radio on, this leaves some noise in the house and the light from the TV during night can be a sign that someone’s home. If someone’s interested in breaking into a property on your street and they see the TV’s on, they may rightfully assume someone’s home. Burglar deterrents like this are focused on tapping into a criminal’s avoidance mechanisms. Even though many burglars may know this basic home safety trick, it’s still a strong recommendation as it’s been shown to work.

4. Sound of a barking dog

If you don’t own a dog and are worried about someone breaking in, consider getting one. No burglar deterrent is quite like a barking dog. When we hear a barking dog, this is a noise that signals something’s wrong. It’s like having an alarm, without having to pay for it. You don’t need to splurge on this cost-effective idea and you don’t even need a big dog. A medium-sized dog can bark just as well. It’s all about the sound – not necessarily the presence.

5. Smart locks

If you have a little extra to spend on home security, one of the best burglar deterrents is a smart lock. Smart locks go beyond a traditional deadbolt and allow you to manage a lock remotely via smartphones. In case you’re ever out and about, at work, or have left the home unsure about having locked the door, this is an easy way to check. Also, you’ll be notified any time someone enters with your code.

6. Front gate

When you set up a front gate, it does two things. The first is it prevents burglars from being able to get close enough to sneak a peek into your home. Secondly, it prevents them from easy entry. Since time’s so important to getting in and out without getting caught, the average burglar may avoid a home that has a front gate as there’s more risk involved in making movements.

7. Signs and stickers

Burglar deterrent signs are inexpensive and easy to set up on the lawn or by the front doorway. Put up a sticker saying your property’s being monitored under 24/7 surveillance. Stickers and signs may not be much but it can cause some burglars to give a second thought to whether they choose to break into your home or not.

8. Cars parked in the driveway

When you see a car in the driveway, naturally you assume someone’s home. Having cars parked in your driveway can be one of the easiest and best burglar deterrents. However, unless you have multiple vehicles though, this isn’t usually possible for many homeowners.

9. Neighbours

If you’re going away for an extended period of time and you’re friendly with your neighbours, advise them to keep an eye on your property. If they see anything going on, they’ll know you’re not supposed to be there and to check it out. By having eyes on your property when you’re not there, this may be just what you need to save your home from being burglarized.

10. Motion-activated security lights

If you have motion-activated security lights on your property, this can work wonders protecting your home during evening hours. Burglars don’t want to draw attention to themselves or what they’re doing. Like a bug, when a light turns on, they scurry away. Although motion-activated outdoor lights can be an expensive purchase, they’re worth it if you’re particularly worried about the possibility of a nighttime burglary.

11. Secure windows

Windows are more popular than doorways, to some burglars, as they attempt to enter a home. The harder it is to open a window, the less likely they will be able to get inside. When you’re not active in the home, ensure windows are locked down. You may also wish to add break-proof laminate or motion-sensors on your window for added peace of mind.

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