11 Different Ideas for Healthy No Cook Meals

The term “no-cook” is interpreted in many ways. In this context, it refers to a meal prepared without the use of heat. You’re free to slice, mix, squeeze, chop, scatter, dollop and arrange. A no-cooked meal may sometimes involve assembling with foods that have already been cooked, such as slices of harm or hard-boiled eggs.

These meals are more about the assembly. Some are readily available through a meal delivery service. Others begin with the leftovers in your refrigerator and the grocery store. Picking up things like cured meats, tinned fish, canned beans, or a rotisserie chicken gives you a head start during mealtime.

For those days that you don’t feel like turning on the oven or stove, here are 11 ideas for healthy no cook meals:

Meal #1: Garden Salmon Salad

The garden salmon salad is excellent for a light and healthy no cook meal. For this low-calorie salad, need leftover salmon and pea shoots, radishes, fresh sealed peas and courgettes. To prepare it, slice the courgettes into ribbons and then toss with the rest of the vegetables, light dressing and leftover chunky salmon. Finish by scattering over mixed seeds and grinding a generous amount of black pepper.

Meal #2: Chilli Crab with Parsley and Shaved Fennel Salad

This healthy no-cook salad can make a great light main meal at a dinner party. It uses fresh white crab meat, which is a better alternative to canned. Prepare the fennel and crabmeat two hours before serving. When it’s mealtime, combine with lemon zest, parsley, olive oil and red chilli for a sophisticated taste. This chilli crab with parsley and shaved fennel salad uses minimal ingredients. It is gluten-free.

Meal #3: No-cook Asian Coleslaw

This healthy no-cook meal is full of Asian-inspired flavours. It is easy to make. For an easy but tasty dressing, mix sesame oil, fresh ginger, red chilli, sugar and lime juice. Next, add coriander leaves, cashews, sliced radish, grated carrot and shredded white cabbage. Top it off with cooked prawns.

Meal #4: Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Prepared meal delivery services send fully cooked and nutritious meals to your home, and the menu options are endless. Certain prepared meal delivery services encourage modern healthy eating habits, and they also cater to those with dietary restrictions.

Meal #5: Chicken Hummus

To prepare this meal, add cooked grains to a mixture of lemon, water and creamy hummus. Next, add toasted almonds, avocado, pomegranate seeds, red onions, chicken and extra hummus. Toss the mixture well and serve. This is a filling supper that also gives you three of your five-a-day and only takes a maximum of 10 minutes to prepare.

Meal #6: No-Cook Chicken Couscous

This nutritious classic meal uses a few ingredients to prepare. First, soak couscous and some frozen beans in a hot chicken broth for about five minutes. Next, toss with lemon juice, cooked chicken, olive oil, and chopped tomatoes. It can be served hot or cold, making it a great easy low-salt packed lunch.

Meal #7: Smashed Cannellini Bean Tartine

The smashed cannellini bean tartine is a great non-cook meal that can be prepared in a few minutes. First, blend the cannellini beans with olive oil, garlic, and zesty lemon. Next, add cherry tomatoes, chilli and parsley to the mixture. Pile this mixture on slightly toasted sourdough, add a rocket leaf and feta cheese. This tartine is a great non-cook healthy meal for vegetarians.

Meal #8: Chipotle Gazpacho

The chipotle gazpacho is an easy, colourful soup to fix. The first step is to whizz tomatoes, spicy chipotle and garlic in a blender. Next, chill the mixture for two hours. Toss red chilli, spring onions, coriander, avocado and lime juice together to make a chunky salsa. Place the salsa on the chilled tomato mixture and enjoy your quick vegetarian meal, which has lots of vitamin C. This meal is gluten-free and has three of the minimum five-a-day.

Meal #9: Bang Bang Chicken Cups

This meal only takes about 10 minutes to prepare. All you need are leftovers and vegetables. To prepare it, slice spring onions, lettuce, and cucumbers into matchsticks to achieve a crunchy taste. Next, place the cooked chicken, the veggies you prepared, a bold peanut, and sweet chilli sauce on lettuce leaves. Now, enjoy a healthy, delicious, low-calorie meal that also helps clear up your refrigerator.

Meal #10: Green Cucumber and Mint Gazpacho

This is a vegetarian delight, which is also low in salt. To prepare it, use a food processor to blitz the ingredients and add extra seasoning. Throw in Tabasco and vinegar to taste. Put the dish into the fridge and chill until very cold. Finish off by topping with fresh chives, chopped mint, and creamy yogurt. This gazpacho can stay fresh for up to two days if kept in the fridge.

Meal #11: Prawn and Pineapple Salad

This healthy no-cook dish incorporates vibrant flavours like lime juice, fresh mint, fish sauce, spicy chilli and pineapple. It makes a great meal on its own, but it’s commonly served with boiled noodles or steamed rice. Whizz the dressing and add prawns, cashews, tomato, cucumber, and bean sprouts. This meal only takes 20 minutes to prepare.

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