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11 Product Packaging Ideas with Successful Results

How you design your product packaging should serve both function as well as aesthetic. Consumers want unique, trendy, and interesting product packaging. For companies, product packaging has become a marketing opportunity and one which shouldn’t be discounted. If you have an innovative product you want to deliver to your audience, here are some product packaging ideas to weigh.

1. Eco-friendly packaging

The biggest trend in product packaging in 2019 is eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to traditional product packaging. See if it’s possible to use recyclable material to package your product, something which can be reused or which has already been partly recycled.

There are thankfully a number of product packaging technologies coming into the market which are environmentally friendly while still being high-performance, reliable, and flexible.

2. 60 Bag

60 Bag is a company that manufactures shopping bags which biodegrade in 60 days. They use bold colors and modern typography to highlight the eco-friendly nature of the product. For fashionable consumers who want to have this message on their person, this is a great product packaging aesthetic for them.

To this point, if you have a product with specific benefits, use keywords, images, and bold highlights on the front so that consumers can use the packaging for their own self-expression.

3. Nature’s Best Roasted Cashews

Nature’s Best Roasted Cashews target upper class customers, using reflective packaging and shapes normally reserved for upmarket chocolate and similar wine-friendly items. The rest is a unique product packaging idea that allows these roasted cashews to sit on the shelf alongside similarly packaged premium products. This isn’t so much imitation as it is using audience-friendly aesthetic in an unexpected way.

4. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s packaging is very simple focusing on color and a branded logo. Coca-Cola’s product packaging is as minimal as possible, containing only what is really needed to keep the product inside. By selecting a color and using a strong logo to stick with, a brand can make packaging stick out without a customer having to buy and open up the product.

Your product may not be as well established or with such an extensive history behind it as Coca-Cola but this doesn’t mean you can’t go just as bold.

5. Eco-friendly bags

Product packaging ideas also include things like compostable bags made from biodegradable plastics, recycled courier bags, or paper courier bags which can be composted or recycled. Some items can be shipped and delivered or displayed in a bag, such as certain pieces of clothing or garden seeds. Consider ways to cut down on your packaging waste with an eco-friendly bag.

6. All Seasons Wild Bird Store

The All Seasons Wild Bird Store is a brand marketing product to bird enthusiasts and professional breeders all over the world. The visual style of the packaging is very homey and appropriate to their audience. All Seasons Wild Bird Store has succeeded in their unique, trendy product packaging because of how well they know their target audience.

7. Wood

Wood is a perfume brand which delivers a traditional clean, cultured glass perfume bottle in cute product packaging made from real wood. This gives their perfume a sense of nature and simplicity. It also makes Wood product easy to spot on any perfume display, without inconveniencing other products by its unique packaging.

8. Motley Bird

Motley Bird is an energy drink targeting the bar and nightclub market. Its product packaging is the exact opposite of the sort of bold colors and art used to represent the intensity of normal energy drinks. Instead, they’ve gone with casual, hand-drawn art, and matte colors. The result is packaging that sticks out while also not looking out of place on retail shelves. There’s an adaptability with this product packaging idea that can be re-applied to other categories.

9. Little Bug

Little Bug is a healthy baby food company which uses local and seasonal ingredients. Their product packaging is made from recyclable material, uses small town-friendly typography and cute colors that are common to the trendy organic food market.

For parents searching for organic, healthy baby food, the product packaging is exactly what they will be looking for. Product packaging with Little Bug shows that they know their audience and clearly communicates the niche they’re chasing after in a crowded market.

10. Holli Molle

Holli Molle is an organic flour company. Instead of using the usual green-and-brown and script fonts common to the organic food market, the company deviates with strong, modern gothic font, and contrasting strong-to-soft colors. Holli Molle invested the time to design product packaging that stands out and now, in any organic food market carrying the product, they’re easily spottable.

11. Thomas Haas Chocolate

Thomas Haas Chocolate use a variety of molds to ensure no two pieces of chocolate are identical. The product packaging has patterned windows which not only give it a unique, attractive look but it allows a customer to see into the chocolate box to spot the uniqueness of the pieces.

Product packaging ideas highlighting unique selling points is a smart move for any brand and then, add to this that it’s something as irresistible as chocolate – needless to say, it’s hard to not want to look past the pattern to see what’s inside.

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