12 Different Types of Eye Makeup and Eyeshadow

Eye makeup says a lot about your style. When done right, it can be transformative. With the vast amount of information available on the internet today, you don’t need to be a beauty guru or professional makeup artist to achieve bold and gorgeous eyes that will turn heads wherever you go.

There are a variety of ways to achieve different looks with your eyes, even with a basic makeup kit. All you need is some inspiration to get started. With a bit of creativity and a basic makeup kit, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. Don’t be afraid to take risks or push boundaries, that is how new ideas are born.

You can learn extensively about the different types of makeup at beauty school, where the instructors are knowledgeable about a variety of makeup styles. For more inspiration, check out these 12 different types of eye makeup:

Type #1: Pastel-Shade Eye Makeup

Summer and spring are great seasons for incorporating pastel shades into your eye makeup. With pastel-shade eye makeup, you will transform yourself into a breathtaking fairy and turn heads wherever you go. It is good to note that one shade can look too ordinary.

To make things interesting, go for a super-chic, pastel-shade, smoky-eye makeup. A purple smoky-eye is a great place to start.

Type #2: Shimmer Eye Makeup

Shimmer eye makeup is excellent for a chic look. What makes this type of eye makeup stand out is the use of glitter. You can’t go wrong with a bronze glitter look, while a blue glitter look is a fantastic choice for prom. Blend a smoky eye with the shimmer eye makeup to make you look more fashionable

Type #3: Soft Smoky Eye Makeup

The soft smoky-eye makeup is great for evenings and nights out. The good thing about this look is that it is easy to pull off. If you decide to go for a smoky eye, don’t forget to use a concealer to cover your under-eye circles. With this technique, you will avoid raccoon-eyes, but it is advisable to pair it with subtle shades like a nude for your lips.

Type #4: Brown and Gold Eye Makeup

This pretty eye makeup idea is eyeshadow oriented. For this look, blending is essential. The brown and gold are blended to produce a subtle but festive look, which is quite beautiful and suitable for a variety of occasions. While this look is great for most eye colours, it pops out more on lighter eyes.

Type #5: Gold Festive Eye Makeup

The gold festive eye makeup paired with a winged liner gives you a striking festive look. It’s youthful and bright and looks exceptionally beautiful on people with brown eyes. For striking gold festive eyes, highlight your eye’s inner corner and the eyebrow bone to achieve a youthful look.

If you decide to go with this look, go minimal with the rest of your makeup to keep the highlight on your eyes.

Type #6: Rose Gold Eye Makeup

Rose gold is quite flattering in any palette. It looks incredible, and you can wear it as you go about your daily activities since it is quite subtle. For this look, you’ll need a rose gold eyeshadow, a nude eyeshadow for the base, a soft brown eyeshadow, a deep-brown eyeliner pencil, a blending brush, a flat brush, and an eyelash curler and mascara.

Type #7: Deep Blue Eyeshadow

This eye makeup idea uses blue eyeshadow and hints of white to give you a fresh look. While it is a popular choice for all eye colours, it pops out more on light eyes, such as green or hazel, than on dark eyes.

You’ll need a blue eyeliner pencil, an angled brush, a flat brush, a nude eyeshadow, mascara and a white eyeliner pencil to achieve this look.

Type #8: Plum Smoky Eye Makeup

The plum smoky eye look uses pink, black and purple. It’s an edgy version of a smoky eye that is great for people with light eyes. However, it still looks pretty in most eye colours.

For this look, you’ll need a blending brush, a flat brush, plum eyeshadow, black eyeliner pencil, blush pink eyeshadow, and light purple eyeshadow. The trick is to use eyeshadows that are pigmented enough and to blend them properly.

Type #9: Mermaid Eyeshadow

This mermaid-inspired look uses a beautiful combination of aqua-blue eyeshadow and gold. It is an ideal choice for the summer. You will need golden eyeshadow, aqua-blue eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, coral shimmer eyeshadow, mascara and a flat brush.

Type #10: Copper-gold Eye Makeup

The copper-gold eye makeup look features neutral colours like brown, copper and gold. It is a stunning look for a night out. To pull off this look, you will need copper eyeshadow, warm brown eyeshadow, gold eyeshadow, mascara, black liquid eyeliner, a blending brush and a flat brush.

Type #11: Black and Silver Smoky Eye Makeup

This look is a combination of black and silver and a smoky eye. It looks fabulous and is perfect for a party or a date. What you need for this look is silver eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, nude eyeshadow, a thin brush, a flat brush, mascara, and a black eyeliner pencil.

Type #12: Warm Copper Green Eye Makeup

Warm copper-green eye makeup looks amazing on people with green eyes. It is simple yet defined, and you can wear it as you go about your daily activities.

This look can also work for people with dark eyes. You’ll need a black liquid eyeliner, black eyeliner pencil, green eyeshadow, nude eyeshadow, shimmery copper eyeshadow, mascara, a flat brush and a smudging brush to spot this look.

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