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12 Low Key Wedding Ideas for a Simple Day

You and your partner are planning your upcoming wedding, and you have no idea where to start. Why not go for a low key wedding? Not every wedding has to be a fancy extravaganza. Not every big fancy wedding translates to a longlasting marriage either. In fact, you may enjoy the minimalist nature of a simple, low-key wedding.

If you want a wedding ceremony that’s casual, fun and elegant, these 12 low key wedding ideas could inspire you and help you plan your big day.

1. Choose a simple wedding venue

Choosing the right venue for a low key wedding could be as simple as renting a tent and installing it in your backyard, or in your parents’ backyard.

Choose a beautiful white tent that is large enough to accommodate your guests, and install it outdoor for a casual and memorable wedding.

2. Pick a simple colour palette

Choosing a simple colour palette is a good way to get started with your decor. It could be as simple as picking one or two neutral colours, plus one bold colour for fun or glamorous accents.

You don’t want to go overboard with fancy decor items, but adding a few decorations that match your palette will create a unique ambience that will reflect your personality.

3. Send out fun wedding invitations

You could use your colour palette in the design of the invitations you send out to your guests.

If you want your wedding to be low key, yet elegant, let your guests know that the ceremony will be casual, and that you want everyone to feel comfortable and to have fun on your big day.

4. Wear simple and elegant clothes

Instead of spending a lot of money buying or renting a dazzling wedding dress and a fancy tuxedo, why not wear simple clothes that you and your partner will feel comfortable in?

That doesn’t mean you should spend the ceremony in your pyjamas, unless that’s what you want to do! Choose elegant clothes that reflect a casual vibe.

5. Let your bridesmaids choose their own wedding dresses

Instead of searching for matching dresses for your bridesmaids, why not let them choose their own? They will wear dresses they feel comfortable in, and that match their skin tone and their hair colour.

This way, you won’t have to worry about choosing a colour and a design that works for everyone, and the mismatched look will add a fun and casual touch.

6. Set the right ambience with lighting

Whether you are renting a tent or a more traditional wedding event venue, you need to set the right ambience with the right lighting.

If you are having the party in your backyard, you will need plenty of lamps and candles to make sure it doesn’t get too dark after the sun goes down.

7. Choose the right wedding flowers and plants

It would be a good idea to choose local blooms that are in season for the bride’s bouquet, and for decorating the venue.

Non-floral accents such as eucalyptus, ferns or olive branches can add a charming touch to your decor. You could even decide to forget flowers, and focus only on greenery.

8. Go with mix and match seating

Instead of renting many chairs, why not use all the chairs and couches you have in your home and in your friends’ homes? Mix and match seating looks fun and colourful.

If you are having the ceremony in your backyard, you could even lay some blankets in the grass for your guests to sit on.

9. Prepare a unique menu

You don’t need to hire a caterer or to prepare a fancy meal to impress your guests. Why not serve pizza, burgers, tacos, or mini hot dogs?

Think of a unique menu that will make you and your guests happy. It could be as simple as a casual buffet, or a food truck that serves delicious comfort food.

10. Prepare refreshments for everyone

Your guests will need refreshments, especially if your wedding ceremony is held outdoor during a hot summer day.

You could simply bring a cooler full of different drinks, or install a cocktail station and a water station. Don’t forget fruit juice or lemonade for the kids.

11. Forget the multi-tiered wedding cake

If you are dreaming of an extragavant, multi-tiered wedding cake, go for it. But if you are looking for a more simple dessert idea, you could serve cupcakes, macarons, pies, or donuts.

Why not prepare a few of your favourite family recipes? If you absolutely love your mother’s chocolate cookies or your aunt’s cherry pie, your guests will surely enjoy them as well.

12. Plan some classic party games

A wedding party needs good music, but it also needs fun games to keep everyone entertained. Try to plan a few classic party games that kids and adults will enjoy.

Maybe you could rent a dance floor and audio equipment, casino equipment, or a photobooth. Or you can keep it even more low key, and ask your guests to bring their favourite games.

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