12 Physiotherapy Exercises If You Have Back Pain

Chronic or acute back pain can seriously affect your daily activities to the extent of affecting your life. The following physiotherapy exercises can help in alleviating the pain and rehabilitate you back to your former self.

1. Bend Over

If your condition allows it, start by standing upright and then cross your hands against your chest, bend over to the front. The weight of your upper body will stretch your back as you hold on to the bend position for a few seconds. Straighten-up and repeat for as many times as your back can handle, but not more than 20 times.

2. Body Flexion

This physiotherapy exercise is done while sitting on your heels. Fold your hands across your abdomen and lean forward, keeping your head away from the ground. Repeat the exercise several times, taking into account signals from your body.

3. Body Flexion and Stretch

Repeat exercise 2 above, but this time stretch your arms forward to their full strength. Hold on to the position for about 30 seconds if your health can allow. Straighten-up and repeat the process several times.

4. Dog

In this physiotherapy exercise, get on all fours. Lower your abdomen to form an arc on your back while your head is lifted high. Repeat the exercise several times.

5. Cat

As in 4 above, start by getting on all your fours. Raise your back toward the sky while lowering your head. Hold on to that position for some time and then lower your back to its normal position. Repeat the exercise several times.

6. Piriformis Stretch

You will need to lie down on the ground to do this physiotherapy exercise. Make sure the ground is level and free from materials that may cause discomfort. Lift your right knee and stretch your arms away from the body at an angle of 450, keeping your shoulders flat on the ground.

Slowly, let the knee fall on your left side, across your body to the ground. Repeat the exercise with the left knee, allowing it to fall on the right side. Do this exercise a number of times.

7. Piriformis Standing

This does not require you to lie down and is done while standing upright. To maintain your balance, you can lean on a wall, a tree or any other stable pillar. While standing upright, lift one knee and slowly swing it to the opposite side of your body, and then hold for a few seconds.

Repeat the exercise with the other knee. You can do this exercise outdoors or at work.

8. Single Knee to Chest

For this physiotherapy exercise, your feet should be flat on the ground. Lift one knee, hold it in your hands and pull it close to your chest. Hold on to that position for at least 10 seconds, then lower it to the ground and repeat the exercise on the other knee.

It is important that you maintain your stability while you are on this exercise. If necessary, lean onto something stable.

9. Sphinx

Flat and comfortable ground is necessary for this exercise. Lie flat on your stomach and then slowly lift your upper body while the pelvic remains flat on the ground. Try to get your back to make an arc. How high you lift your head depends on how much strain you can endure. However, do not over-exert your body.

10. Standing Back Extension

While standing upright, put your hands on the back and then bend backwards to form an arc at the back. Go as far as you can without causing discomfort to your back. Hold on to that position for a few seconds and then straighten up. Repeat the exercise a number of times. You can do this exercise outdoors as well.

11. Stretch to Foot

Sit down on the floor with your legs stretched out and feet put together. Your hands need to be flat on the ground. Stretch forward to as far as you can make it without causing discomfort to yourself. Hold on to that position for a few seconds and then straighten up. Repeat the exercise several times.

12. Superman

On level ground, lie on your stomach and lift your shoulders while your hands are stretched in front of you. Hold on to that position for at least 20 seconds if you can. Lower your shoulders and repeat the exercise several times.

This requires some endurance. It is important to follow your health provider’s advice before you embark on it. It is difficult than it seems. While on all fours, raise your right leg and stretch it, raise your left hand and stretch forward to reach the furthest you can. Hold on to that position for about 30 seconds, if you can, and return to your original position. Repeat the exercise several times.

Back pain can be painful and very uncomfortable. Appropriate exercise will greatly reduce pain as well as build the muscles necessary for a healthy life. It is always important to refer to your physician’s advice as you undertake these exercises. You can do it.

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