4 Home Furnace Maintenance Myths Debunked

The furnace of your home is an appliance that when it is working you don’t even think about it. It just does its job and you live your life not giving it a second thought. The moment it stops working or starts to act up is when you notice just how essential it is.

If there is ever a problem with your furnace the first step it to contact a team of professionals so that they can take a look at it an diagnose the problem. If your furnace is old, it may be time for a replacement. Older models are maybe not very energy efficient or they may even be in need of upgrading so that the air in your home is cleaner. Here are some of the myths that exist around home furnace maintenance.

1. You only need to replace the filter a couple of times a year

To ensure that the air quality in your home is optimal you will need to change your filter more often than you think. The truth is that your filter needs to be replaced whenever it becomes so dirty that it is limiting the amount of air that can pass through it easily. This means that it is not so much a question of what time of year you should be changing it, more so, how much do you use the furnace and how old it is.

If the furnace is left to run for long periods of time, then the filter will accumulate more dust over a shorter period. For this reason, you will need to plan to replace the filter more frequently in the winter than in the summer.

2. It’s normal to have hot and cold spots in your home

This could indicate there is a gap in the home’s insulation or possibly that a window needs to be resealed. It could also mean that your furnace is having trouble meeting the demands of heating your home. If you find that there are many hot and cold spots in your home, you should really think carefully about having a professional take a look at your furnace. It may be something as simple as having to replace the filter, or the whole unit might need to be replaced.

3. Modern furnaces don’t need regular maintenance

By not having a regular inspection of your furnace you may think that you have saved a few bucks off your annual budget when in actual fact you could be setting yourself up for an even bigger expense in the near future. By having a regular inspection of your HVAC system by a qualified expert you will be able to catch small problems before they develop into much larger issues.

4. I don’t need a new furnace if the one I have works

This is technically true, in so far as you don’t need to have a new furnace installed, but you might want to. If the furnace that you have in your home is more than 5 or 10 years old, there is a good chance that it is not very energy efficient.

By upgrading to a modern furnace, you will not only be saving money off your monthly utility bill, you will also be helping to save the planet. By installing a new furnace you will also be making an investment in your home. Prospective homebuyers will often ask how old the furnace is so you will be able to to leverage this into potentially asking for more money when it comes time to sell your home.

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