4 Must-Know Tips to Follow Up with Real Estate Leads

Converting real estate leads into sales is the ultimate goal of any marketer. However, this is not an easy task. It requires using the right real estate CRM software to manage consistent follow-up at the right intervals over time. The follow-up period is actually a process of establishing a relationship with a potential customer.

As you send those follow-up emails without getting any feedback from a potential client, all is not lost as that client is weighing you and analyzing whether you are credible or not. You may not know, but something in one of your correspondences is going to tip over a reluctant client into a customer.

However, following up, if inappropriately done, could result in a buyer vowing to never deal with you. For it to work, there are a number of great ways you can use to provide the kind of follow up that would convert a hesitant lead into a loyal customer.

1. Make a Good First Impression with Your Subject Line

First impressions are important. They linger for a long time after the initial contact. Now that you have a prospect who has expressly or indirectly expressed an interest in your real estate offering after subscribing to your mailing list, that first email has to be perfect.

To make a good first impression, the subject line of your email must capture their interest in a compelling way. It should have 30 or fewer characters to improve the chances of a subscriber opening your email. It should also clearly reference the listing that a particular subscriber had shown an interest i

2. Offer Value in the Body of Your Email

Once a potential client has opened your email after scanning your subject line, you need to follow up with valuable information. Let the body of your email address what you highlighted in the subject line. Every word you use must be loaded with promise and value. Just getting a potential client to open your email does not guarantee anything.

If they do not see the value and appropriate context immediately, they will leave and reassign your emails to the spam box; or even unsubscribe from your list. Provide them with a context for your email by letting them know you are reacting to a listing they had shown an interest in. You should then provide a link to that property and others the client could be interested in. Quickly get to the point and only focus on their needs.

3. Send Follow Up Emails

Sending a killer first email does not guarantee a response. Most people will ignore your first email, the second, and perhaps even the third. This is because they have busy schedules and other priorities just as important. Send two or three follow up emails at intervals that will not make your subscribers feel like they are under attack.

Each of these emails should offer value. Saying that you are ‘just following up’ or ‘checking in’ on them does not promise any value. Instead, remind them of your previous emails (since they most likely did not read them) and let them know you are looking forward to their reply.

4. Understand When to Back Off

By the time you get to your sixth follow up email, it should start dawning on you that the subscriber is perhaps not interested in your property. So, make this email your last one. You gain nothing by prodding a potential client who is not responsive, and if they have not replied to any of your emails, no amount of badgering will wake them up. They could actually be turned off and eventually unsubscribe from your list.

So, your last email should first thank them for showing an initial interest in your property. Let them know that although they may have found what they were looking for elsewhere, you will be available in future should they still be interested in your services. This closing loop informs the client as politely as possible that you will not be contacting them again, and that you are still open to doing business with them in the future.

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