4 Things You Should Know About the Law Regarding Your Disability

The aspects of disability law are not that difficult to understand, but there are still people out there who aren’t aware of what the law is and how much it protects those with disabilities. This legislation is more than just a law to help people with disabilities; it is also there to give people recourse whenever they feel that the law has been broken when it comes to them or their disabilities.

When hiring a disability lawyer, you can rely on their expertise in exchange for a fee. How much is a disability lawyer? The costs may vary from lawyer to lawyer, but having someone who knows the law on your side is worth every penny.

Once you hired a disability lawyer, they can help you understand more about the disability laws. Below are a few things that you might not already know about these laws.

1. They Make Discrimination Illegal

A lot of people with disabilities fear applying for certain jobs because they believe that their disabilities will disqualify them from the job but this is actually illegal for employers to do. Better yet, disability law covers both physical and mental disabilities so regardless of your disability, a prospective employer cannot hold it against you. Thanks in part to technological advances that help people do their jobs despite their disabilities, there is simply no excuse anymore to discriminate against an employee.

2. There Are Now Ways to Get Rid of Loopholes

As with any other law, the laws regarding disability have loopholes in them but fortunately this shouldn’t be a problem for long. That is because there are laws and regulations that continuously update and amend any current law in effect so if you are the victim of any of these loopholes, it is best to contact your legislators and let them know about it.

3. The Employment Equity Act

The Employment Equity Act says that employers can’t bar disabled people from certain jobs. There are several parts involved in this act. The first part of the disability law says that employers have to remove certain barriers that prevent disabled people from doing a specific job and another one says that employers have to make certain accommodations so that disabled people can do their jobs and not be prevented from doing so.

4. You Can Always Get a Lawyer

As with any other law, laws regarding disability can be broken but the good news is that there are now lawyers who specialize in this area of the law. These lawyers work specifically with laws regarding all types of disability and those who have been prevented from doing certain jobs because their employers broke the law. This is good news for these victims but you don’t have to be a victim for long, thanks to lawyers who specialize in all areas of disability law.

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