5 Common Mistakes Made With Buying Furniture

Furniture shopping is a double-edged sword. It can be as rewarding as it can be frustrating. Add to that the implications of buying furniture – the money that you will spend and the impact of the things you buy on how your home looks, and suddenly furniture shopping doesn’t look like an inviting activity anymore. But as someone once rightly said, sometimes it is all about being wrong less frequently.

Buying dining room furniture can look like a very daunting task when you begin, but if you are aware of some simple rules about shapes and colours, you will soon realize that things are not really that hard to figure out. And the first step to figuring that out is knowing the mistakes people generally make when buying furniture.

Once you avoid those, you should be good for the rest of the process. Below are some of the mistakes you should take extra care to avoid.

1. Ignoring Salesperson

OK, we can all agree that salespersons can sometimes be too pushy. But that does not mean all of them are only looking after making their commissions. Remember that furniture sales people see a lot more furniture compared to you. They also know a lot more about what works with what when it comes to materials, designs and shapes. Next time you are out shopping for furniture, give the sales guy a chance to prove that they really want to help you. There is nothing worse than refusing assistance from an expert.

2. Buying online

We get it, online buying is way less tiring, way more convenient and often offers way more choices and discounts too. But while shopping online makes sense for some things, we are not sure about including furniture in that list. A lot of furniture shopping depends on checking out how the piece of furniture actually feels. Seeing the items in person also gives you a better perspective of things in terms of arrangements. And although you are shown a lot of pictures of the products when shopping online, we all know that we can never really fully trust what we see online.

3. Impulse buying

By now, you should have realized that the usual shopping rules do not really apply to furniture shopping. Continuing this trend is how you treat your impulses when it comes to buying furniture. If it is a shirt or a dress we are talking about, the consequences of an impulse purchase is not that long-lasting. But remember that the furniture you buy will stay with you for years. And unlike a bad shirt, you won’t be able to hide your furniture away in some bag so you don’t think about them often. As a basic rule, never buy anything just because you are excited to see it. Make sure you make a sound and logical decision when it comes to buying furniture.

4. Not having a theme

A lot of people make the mistake of buying all the things that look good, because they look good. While all the things you bought may look great on their own, they may look very bad when all are placed in the same room together. Always try to set the theme for a room with the first big item, and then support and extend that theme by buying smaller things that match.

5. Following trends

While it is a nice idea to look at the current design trends, make sure you are buying things that will not look outdated in a couple of years. Even when following trends, make sure you are opting for things that are close to your personal taste too. Because you might not be able to change the furniture every time there is a new trend in the market.

There you have it, five simple mistakes you need to avoid when buying furniture for your place.

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