5 Correct Ways to Behave Inside a Limousine

Have you ever taken a limo before? If you and a bunch of friends are going to take a limo for a specific reason, be it a wedding or just a party, there are certain ways to behave. There is such a thing as limousine etiquette which you should know about.

Sometimes, a limousine service is used for things such as a funeral. In such cases, you would expect everyone to be on their best behaviour for obvious reasons. It is a sombre occasion. However, if it is for something else, then you can expect it to get loud as people may want to have fun. Let’s look at some things regarding limousine etiquette.

1. Know The Number Of Limousine Guests

You should pretty much know the number of people who will be riding in the limo. This number should be given to the limo company. Sometimes, this number may change. It may either increase or decrease. If this were to happen, it is also good to share this information with the limo service. This way, they can determine which vehicle would be best suited for the occasion. This makes it safer and more comfortable for all concerned.

2. Knowing How To Get In

This may sound slightly on the silly side, but to be honest, there is a proper way. You should not really open the door yourself and get inside. This is something that has caused a bit of clumsiness in the past, especially for those who have never had this experience. You need to wait for the driver to open the door for you, since it really is his job to do so. You should sit in the first empty seat and then swing your legs in order for a smoother entry. You could then scoot along until you find the right seat.

3. Fights

Believe it or not, fights have occurred in a limo. People are having fun, partying and drinking. Sometimes, an argument can occur and lead to a physical fight. This is not good for anyone. It can be dangerous and is definitely not part of limo etiquette. Don’t ever get too drunk and allow this to happen.

4. Rules

Sometimes, a younger crowd can be a little disrespectful of the rules. A lot of these limo services do not allow you to smoke, so please don’t! Be aware of the rules and be respectful of them. There is also no reason to take out any anger on the limo driver. They have a responsibility to keep you safe, but at the same time, they too need to feel safe and comfortable.

5. Keep It Clean

The limo was in all likelihood pretty spotless. You need to play your part to leave it pretty much as you found it. Don’t stick gum under the seat, discard wrappers, pop cans, plastic bottles and other garbage in the limo. Don’t spray someone with a drink or throw food at them. While you think you may be having fun, there are some companies who will charge you a cleaning fee.

You can also tip the limo driver. This can be about 15% or 20% of the fee. You should also wait for the driver to open the door for you before you exit. As long as you remain mindful and respectful, you can still have a great time and everyone will be happy.

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