5 Lame Reasons Not to Sue Your Doctor

Did something go horribly wrong with the medical procedure you thought would get you back to your best? Have you suffered irreparable damage as a result? Then the question “can you sue a doctor for negligence”? has probably crossed your mind. The truth is, you probably should sue them for damages. No one deserves to suffer as a result of malpractice by a medical profession. If you’re hesitant, then here are some of the lame reasons you might be giving yourself.

  1. You’re Not the Kind of Person Who Sues
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Do you consider it petty to litigate over minor issues and disputes? Then you probably don’t consider yourself as the type of person to sue a doctor.  Nonetheless, it is your duty to ensure that when you or a loved one is injured the bills get paid, lost wages recovered, and medical expenses paid. If the doctor’s negligence leads to paralysis such that you cannot meet your obligations, then you owe it to yourself to get compensated for the losses incurred. Suing your doctor for damages is not an attempt to get rich off someone’s back. It’s a legally laid down procedure for making things right for you and future patients.

  1. Your Doctor is so Friendly
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You wouldn’t be going back to see the same doctor if this were not the case. The fact that your relationship is friendly shouldn’t keep you from suing your doctor. They have caused you physical and emotional harm through negligence or outright incompetence. By suing them, you will get compensated for your loss and also prevent them from hurting someone else in the future.

  1. You Don’t Have the Money
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Lawsuits cost time and money. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent. Hire competent malpractice lawyers to assess the merit of your case and advise on the best way to approach it to avoid the delays occasioned by defense attorneys. The lawyers should be able to meet the full cost of litigation as it is considered a cost of doing business in malpractice law. You shouldn’t be asked to pay any money upfront. Should you win and get an award, they should be able to recover their fees from the payoff.

  1. You Wouldn’t Want to Look Bad to Family and Friends
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If you’re afraid of bringing a lawsuit with merit against your doctor due to what other people will think, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. No one knows the pain you’ve endured and the extent of financial damage occasioned by the doctor’s actions. As long as the lawsuit won’t ruin your relationship with those you love, then you should, in fact, sue for damages.

  1. You Have No Need for the Money
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Granted, money won’t fix your problems. You won’t get back your limbs or numb the pain, but you will be able to hold the doctor accountable for their actions. Without the threat of lawsuits, doctors could easily run amok and ignore the code of conduct set out for them without due regard for the consequences of their actions on their patients.

Stop giving excuses. Contact a malpractice lawyer to help you get justice for you and future patients.

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