5 Popular Misconceptions About Microneedling

You may already be aware of microneedling and the great many benefits that this skin treatment can provide. This is one of the most popular skincare treatments out there and for very good reason.

Microneedling is an non-invasive procedure that encourages the body to produce more collagen and elastin. The overall effect of the microneedling treatment is that your skin will be tighter and smoother. You can also enjoy an improvement in your complexion and any scars that you may have.

When we discuss this treatment with our clients, they are often apprehensive and full of questions. Does it hurt? Will it really work? Here are the most common myths about microneedling:

1. It’s painful

The name “microneedling” does sound like it is going to hurt. The truth is that there is no pain whatsoever. The skin is treated with a numbing cream before the treatment so that as patients have this procedure there is no sensation felt at all. All you will have to do is ly back and relax. If you are concerned about the microneedling procedure because you think it might be painful then make sure to research what former patients have to say. Many will say that they wish they had done it sooner as there is no pain and the results are great.

2. I will need to set some time aside a lot of time to recover

The recovery time following microneedling is very short indeed, there will be some redness on the skin for a couple of days at most. But this will not prevent you from going about your day. Many patients will time the microneedling procedure so that they can lay low for a couple of days and then they can head out into the world with firmer, and smoother skin.

Your microneedling specialist will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions that you should follow to the letter. These will typically involve a moisturizing cream and to avoid the sun for a couple of days. If you are unsure about any of it make sure you speak to a professional today.

3. There are risks

If you are concerned about any risks that may be apparent following a microneedling procedure then you should speak to a professional as soon as possible. The procedure is very safe. Many compare it to skin resurfacing treatments, microneedling is far less invasive. The tiny punctures are healed much faster than any of the skin resurfacing treatments.

4. I have a microneedling device at home, I don’t need a professional

There really is no comparison to the devices that can be bought for home use and the state of the art technology and skills that are found in a clinic that specializes in microneedling.

The biggest difference is that the needles that are used in the at home devices are much shorter than the ones used by professionals. They are painless to use and do not require any of applications of the numbing cream.

This means that the needles don’t penetrate nearly deep enough to provide the same level of results that can be achieved the professional microneedling. There is also the safety concern of these at home devices not being sterilized after each use.

5. It’s expensive

The treatments are very affordable and many patients are often very surprised to learn just how inexpensive the microneedling procedure is. If you have any of concerns about the microneedling procedure then you should speak with a professional as soon as possible. The microneedling procedure is safe and effective and should not be overlooked as a part of your skincare journey.

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