5 Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Plumber

From blocked drainage and leaking pipes, to redoing the kitchen or adding a new bathroom, we have all called a plumber to help us with what they do best. A plumber plays a big part in a home’s repair and maintenance. The work they do, if done correctly, can be the reason behind an issue-free home. And if the work is not up to the mark for any reason, you will end up in a home that will demand constant repairs and expense.

Considering how important the plumber is for your peace of mind, here are a few questions to ask your plumber before you sign contracts or make payments for your next home repair.

1. Are they licensed

There are a few reasons why asking your plumber if they are licensed should be the first thing you ask your plumber. Because no matter what their past records are or how long and satisfied their list of clients is, if they are not licensed, you need to immediately start looking elsewhere. A licensed plumber will not only have the knowledge to take care of your plumbing needs, but also the right to carry out those works in a certified and legal manner. Check with your local licensing office to ensure your plumber is licensed before you sign any contracts with the plumber.

2. Are they insured

Depending on the actual task at hand, plumbing bills can run into hundreds of dollars. The last thing you need is the stress of this cost going completely out of hand. And if your plumber is not insured, the chances of that happening is more than likely. An insured plumber provides you with the security that if any damage is caused to your property, you will not end up paying out of your own pockets for the repair. An insured plumbing service will also make sure that in case of an unfortunate accident at work, you will not have to worry about paying anyone’s salaries or medical bills.

3. When are they available

An instant response time by a plumber can be the difference between repairing a leaking tap and re-doing the entire plumbing situation of the property. Some plumbing services offer 24×7 assistance, so you can have someone to rely upon as soon as there is a plumbing emergency. Of course, such a service comes at a premium cost, but it is good to know that these options exist. Based on your past history and requirements, estimate how often and soon would you need your plumber’s services and then go out looking for someone who can match your needs.

4. What is their speciality

Plumbing involves a lot more than repairing leaking taps and blocked sinks. The knowledge and expertise required to do the maintenance and repair jobs are completely different from the skills required to install plumbing in a new home. Depending on your project at hand, you need to find a plumbing service that is adept at the skills required. After all, you don’t want to spend money to hire the skills you will never need.

5. What do they charge

There are a lot of fees and expense associated when dealing with plumbing. Your plumber related costs include the cost of doing the job, along with things like service charges, fee per visit and the cost of purchasing plumbing equipment. Naturally, these costs vary from plumber to plumber so you need to ensure that you are completely aware of all the costs that you might have to pay for in the future, during and after the completion of the work.

With these 5 questions at hand, you are sure to make the best choice from the available plumber options.

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