5 Services Hair Salons Offer in Addition to Hair Styling

Most of us have visited hair salons plenty of times for hair trims, styling, and coloring. However, there are other services available in many salons that you may not be aware of or have considered before. Ask your favorite salon about services like these if you are interested in giving them a try.

1. Specialty Hair Services

Customers with hair problems like thinning, breakage, split ends, and faded natural color may be able to get help from their stylist. Although some people are born with thinner hair than average, there are products and techniques that can help to protect the hair shaft from splitting or breaking. Gentle hairbrushes and deep conditioning products help to strengthen hair and keep it from falling out. Natural hair color that fades due to well water or mineral buildup can be treated with special products to restore normal color and shine. For more information, Tony Shamas can provide you with further insights.

2. Brand-Name Styling Products

Well-known hair care brand-name products may be carried by certain salons. Ask your stylist about the products that interest you. If the salon doesn’t currently have them, the products may be available for ordering. Instead of spending time searching online or at the drugstore for your favorite quality products, your salon may be able to help.

3. Grooming Services

Facial waxing is available in some mainstream hair salons, along with alternate forms of tweezing, threading, or plucking unwanted hair from the eyebrows and upper lip. Often, these services are surprisingly affordable and don’t require a long wait for processing. Find out if your salon offers these services or can recommend a salon that does.

4. Unique Hairstyles and Designs

A reputable hair salon may have one or more stylists on staff who can arrange hair in amazing ways for weddings, parties, or celebrations of any kind. From elegant up-do’s to extraordinary braids and bouncy waves, a talented stylist can make your hair look completely different and fabulous using unique designs. Your hair can be coaxed to stand on end, fluff out, be sleeked back, or twisted high on your head. Extensions and hairpieces can be added for depth and length. Request sample photos to pick out something new for your hair.

5. Exotic Product Applications

Some people develop sensitivities to commercial hair dyes over time. They may experience unexpected or even serious reactions to common hair coloring products, even the quality ones used at many salons. Some stylists are willing to apply gentler products like traditional hair henna or a temporary rinse to color your hair more safely. Not all salons do this due to licensing restrictions, but ask if interested.

Your favorite hair salon can do creative things to make you look great. Ask to see what is available.

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