5 Tips to Finding the Right Limousine Company

You’ve decided you want to rent a limo for your next big occasion. The next step is to figure out which company you want to make your experience memorable. It’s not wise to pick the first company you see or hear an advertisement for. Follow these five tips to help you hire the perfect limousine company for the job.

1. Know what you want

It’s significantly easier for a company to give you an accurate quote if you have an idea of what you need. A basic limo is available from virtually all limo companies, but if you want to stand out with a unique vehicle, such as a Hummer, make sure you specify that right away. Your search may be limited due to lack of availability especially if you aren’t booking months in advance. Ensure the model you choose will adequately and comfortably fit everyone in your party.

2. Read Reviews

Take at least 15 minutes to do some research on the company before calling for a quote. Examine their official pages and reviews along with reviews from third-party sites that aren’t affiliated with the company. You’ll save yourself a headache if you take the time to do your research before picking up the phone..

3. Have an Itinerary

If you want an accurate price quote, you’ll need to give the limousine company-specific details about your upcoming adventure. They’ll want to know how many people, when, where, and if you intend on traveling to multiple destinations. Small details can make a big difference in how accurate your quote is. You can find more information online. The www.yorkvilletorontolimo.com website may be a good place to begin your research.

4. Focus on More Than Price

Going with the lowest price isn’t necessarily the smartest decision. A quote that sounds too good to be true typically means you’re sacrificing on the quality of the limo itself or expect to receive subpar service. Read your contract and ask for a breakdown of the price including the base rate, extras, amenities, and taxes or fees

5. Make a List of Needs and Wants

Your budget will determine how extravagant of a limousine you can rent. Be flexible with what features and amenities are absolutely necessary compared to those that would be nice to have. You might want a luxurious trip with a stocked bar, televisions, music, and room to dance, but expect to pay a premium rate for the options. It might make more sense to skip out on one of these amenities.

Be proactive with your search for the perfect limousine company to make your day the best it can be. Compare at least two companies and ask questions so you know that you’re getting exactly what you want.

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