6 Benefits of Pursuing Continuing Education

You’ve finished your program and work for a company in your field of study, now what? There are a number of things you may be working towards. Perhaps a specific promotion, new job opportunity or successful completion of a big project your boss has assigned you.

No matter what your future goals are, one thing that will help you succeed is continuing your education. While it seems like a drag to go back to school, remember that continuing education isn’t about getting your foot in the door which is usually the main stressor associated with education. Try to think of it as working on yourself in order to grow and fulfill your goals.

Below is a list of six benefits associated with continuing education.

1. Opportunity

The most obvious reason to continue education is to attain the qualifications for a higher paying job or career opportunity that you would not get otherwise. Sadly, without certain education, a lot of doors are closed for individuals seeking lucrative opportunities.

Fortunately, many schools understand that people need to work and cannot go to school full time. To attain the education you need for a particular opportunity, there are a variety of specialized courses offered online or one night a week to fit your busy schedule.

2. Lifelong Learning

Just because you have completed your full-time education does not mean you should stop learning. Since the work world is constantly changing with new strategies, technology and innovation, employees should do their best to keep up with trends in their field through their learning.

A large benefit of learning later in life is that you can choose the courses which interest you and are relevant to your work. If you are a marketer, you should take marketing courses. Or if you are in the manufacturing industry, you can learn from supply chain management courses. While you may have enjoyed full-time education, it is rare for anyone to say they enjoyed every course they took. Mandatory courses are usually the culprits, however, you’re way past the bore of mandatory statistics and introductory courses!

3. Networking

By taking courses related to your field of work, you will meet other people who are part of your industry. Through networking, a lot can be accomplished such as finding strategic business partners and new career opportunities. Having a broad network within your career is just as valuable as education.

4. Resume Building

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new job or not, adding to your resume is never going to hurt. Education is one resume builder, however, there are many other things you can participate in which can be added to your resume.

Although, education will always impress an employer, particularly if it is done in conjunction with a full-time job. Being able to manage multiple responsibilities at once proves strong time management skills to any employer.

5. Self Accomplishment

In today’s world, people get overwhelmingly busy with significant others, family, work, friends… the list goes on. When was the last time you did something for entirely yourself?

Goal setting and accomplishment of those goals is rewarding and contributes to your personal fulfillment. Education is a great way to work on yourself and feel good about what you’ve accomplished.

6. Learn a New Subject

I’m sure everyone has a thing or two that they are passionate about but never got the chance to learn more about. It is unfortunate that sometimes our passions are not great career options so we veer away from them in our studies to move towards a career that is more practical.

When you participate in continuing education, you can study whatever you please, even if it is not related to your career. If you have always wanted to learn a language or are passionate about art, there’s still time to take a course to learn more!

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