6 Best Funeral Hairstyles That Demonstrate Respect

Amidst all the things you have to worry about when planning for funerals, from logistics to the financial expenses, a good number of us also struggle with how to dress while going for the funeral. On the one hand, you don’t want to seem like you are not sympathizing with the family. On the other, you still want to dress in a manner that says all is not lost.

Funerals are not something we look forward to, but the reality is they do happen, and you need to dress in a manner that honours the departed loved ones, while at the same time showing the relatives and friends of the deceased that you are sensitive enough to dress for the occasion.

Your funeral hairstyle is just as important as the dress code, since it is one of the first things people notice. You can be sure they will notice your hair looks in the funeral. So, what are some of the most appropriate hairstyles to adorn at a funeral?

Below are the six best funeral hairstyles that demonstrates respect:

1. Short Hair

A short funeral hairstyle demonstrates simple elegance.

Short hair is one of the best funeral hairstyles available. Just because you have short hair does not exempt you from styling it. You may have fewer styling options, but you can always clip back some of the hair, say on each side, with a pin to give it a bit of sassiness without going over the bar.

You can also consider using additional styling products such as a styling gel to make sure it stays where you want it, but avoid over-styling it.

2. Long Hair

To most people, trying to style long hair is an unavoidable nightmare. It is not easy to keep it in place unless you style it appropriately. The safest and best funeral hairstyles, in this case, are French twists, chignon, the simple bun, or a low ponytail.

The idea is to have your hair held up so that its movement is restricted. This is the most appropriate hairdo for an outdoor funeral occasion. You wouldn’t want your long hair flapping distractedly in the wind during an outdoor funeral. You can also braid your natural hair, but if you decide to wear it loose, ensure it’s neat and free of wild curves.

3. Men’s Hair

Bad hair days affect both men and women. However, men’s hair is without a doubt the easiest to style for almost any occasion.

As long as you don’t wear unconventional hairstyles such as brightly dyed hair and extreme spiky Mohawks, you are good to go with most conventional hairstyles. Short hair must, however, be neatly combed and washed clean. For long hair, holding it back in a simple ponytail should do the trick.

4. Children’s Hair

For little girls, consider holding their hair in a pushback ponytail or pigtail such that it remains in that position the whole day. For little boys, neatly comb the hair, so it stays flat and neat. In as much as the children may not be old enough to understand what’s going on, the relatives and friends will appreciate your effort in ensuring the children are presentable.

The best funeral hairstyles for children are all about showing respect to the departed, and making sure the kids are presentable is a part of it.

5. Funeral Hats

In most funerals, hats are worn by women; not men. Moreover, the hats are usually somber and inconspicuous. While a hat may conceal the messy hair inside, you never know when you may be requested to take it off as a sign of respect to the departed. It is therefore essential to keep your hair nicely combed and tidy, whether you have a hat on or not.

Dark-veiled hats are also commonly used. However, keep them small and non-enthralling to avoid directing all the attention to yourself. People came to pay their respects to the departed; not to watch a fashion show.

6. Hair Bands

Hair accessories such as hair bands, hair ties and hair scarves are also handy in such cases. You can use them to style both short and long hair. Whichever accessory you settle on, let it be one that does not shout. It should, however, complement the rest of your outfit.

Like any other semi-formal gathering, it is the overall image which determines how appropriately dressed you should be. Knowing how to dress the part not only shows you take the event seriously enough to dress appropriately for it, but it also says you respect the sensibilities of those affected, especially the relatives and friends of the deceased. Before attending a funeral, set apart a few minutes to confirm whether your hairdo matches the rest of your outfit.

While mourners may not be keen to look you down from head to toe, dressing appropriately for a funeral and spotting an appropriate hairdo says you took time to think about your appearance. Always remember that it’s not about you; it’s about sending off your loved one in the most honourable and revered manner, and as you tip your hat in respect to the departed, make sure your hair is nicely set just in case the headgear falls off.

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