6 Best Home Remedies to Unclog a Toilet in Your House

Nothing can turn a good day into a horrible one by identifying a toilet that is broken. Worse yet, you may discover that the machine has essentially clogged. The sources of this blockage may vary, but the frustration remains the same.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways in which you can rectify the issue. The quickest method is to enlist the help of an expert plumber. For homeowners who love being handy, there are various do-it-yourself techniques that can unclog your toilet.

Provided you have the necessary equipment and materials, here are the best home remedies to unclog your toilet:

Home Remedy #1: A Slight Tap

The best techniques to employ in resolving everyday issues are the ones that cost nothing at all. If you have a clogged toilet, first direct your attention to the bowl component of the apparatus. If the clog is minor enough, you should be able to get rid of the blockage via a slight, forceful tap.

Once the bowl is in observable view, slightly tap it a few times with your feet. You can do this with your bare feet or have shoes on; the choice is yours. Most of the time, the area in question will be impacted by the tap, finally allowing your toilet to be free of obstruction.

Home Remedy #2: Hot Water

Sometimes, an obstructing blockage just needs to be warmed up a bit to loosen its grip. Using hot water has proven to be an effective home remedy to unclog a toilet. This is the best opportunity to use hot water in order to do just that. To initiate the process, grab a relatively full bucket and pour an appropriate amount of hot water into the container.

There is a certain trick to employ in order to successfully use this home remedy. Make sure you pour the bucket quickly, but not so quickly so that the water would spill. If the first bucket doesn’t work, try another bucket and redo the process. Sure enough, the blockage will be weakened enough to be flushed down.

Home Remedy #3: Baking Soda And Vinegar

This is one of the few home remedies that are tried and true when it comes to unclogging your toilet. The resulting concoction from baking soda and vinegar is soluble enough to make any blockage dissipate, if done correctly. Plus, you won’t need more than couple of ingredients to make this remedy.

Pour one cup of vinegar down the toilet first, before pouring the cup of baking soda down. If the toilet bowl has a minimal amount of water inside, the resulting liquid can break down the blockage and allow it to flush down. If there is a lot of water, the mixture will unfortunately become too diluted to work.

Home Remedy #4: Liquid Dish Detergent and Hot Water

Along with mixing baking soda and vinegar together, another home remedy used to fix a clogged toilet is using dish detergent and hot water. The mixture is just as simple to create as well. Pour a quarter cup of some liquid dish detergent into the toilet. This essentially acts as a lubricant; the blockage will become greased enough to be flushed down later.

After this step has been completed, fill the toilet with hot water. The dish detergent should first sit in place for about fifteen minutes before pouring the hot water inside. Once the two ingredients work in tandem, your clogged toilet should be back to a working state.

Home Remedy #5: Using A Snake

No, this isn’t a snake in the living, serpentine sense. A snake is the name referred to a device that allows the user to thread through intricate pipes to release blockages inside. They are rather inexpensive as well, and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

To initiate the process, first put some rubber gloves on. You don’t want any resulting spill from the procedure to get on your hands. Then, carefully thread the device into the toilet until you reach the impediment. With a little labor, the blockage will eventually lose its grip. Flush it down, and the snake practice will have been successful.

Home Remedy #6: Rubber Gloves

Sometimes, the hard things have to be done in order to make things right. Even though this may be a nightmarish situation for those who are easily squeamish, it is still a good remedy in its own right. Grab a pair of disposable rubber gloves and get to work.

This home remedy is most effective when the clog in question is larger than initially thought. Removing it manually, most of the time, ensures that you can know firsthand that the toilet is free of blockage. It won’t take long, so don’t fear using this technique if it is your last resort!

The great thing about using home remedies for fixing a clogged toilet is the simplicity of it all. Harsh chemicals, via other means, won’t be a factor when trying to fix your machine. Get your plumber hat on, and you’ll sure enough be able to remove the clog in no time at all!

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