6 Common Myths About Field Service Management

If you are in charge of your field management process and considering moving to an automated process than you are in the right place. There are so many advantages to making the switch yet so many providers are still using old methods. This is largely due to a misunderstanding about what automated field service management can do for you.

1. It’s a lot of work to make the switch

As field service management leverages existing technology such as smartphones, tablets and computers to ensure that there is proper communication across your whole team there is very little disruption when a client of ours makes the change from traditional methods to an automated field service management solution. There will be a small training and adjustment period, but benefits of making these changes far outweigh the potential downside.

2. I’ll need a whole new IT team to handle all the new software

You won’t need any new personnel to make the switch or operate the new field service management system that we set up for you. In fact, you will be freeing up members of your team who usually handle the documents that exist in your old system as your field service management process will now be fully automated.

3. Automated field service management is too expensive

This is a very common concern and when the facts are carefully considered there is really no need for worry. Many clients are thrilled by the price point as they will be saving so much time and effort compared to doing the process manually. There are often many opportunities to save money once the system is adopted. You will need fewer people to manage the day to day operations of your field personnel and then process all of the paperwork that is generated on a day to day basis. This can all amount to a net saving on costs and a huge increase in efficiency and reliability.

4. The field service management system will be hard to learn

There will be a short learning curve but all of the systems and technology are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to adopt the system and start to benefit from it.

5. The systems we have in place work fine, so there is no benefit to switching

When you really think about the amount of time it takes to process all of the paperwork that is generated from your teams in the field it can really add up. There is also an increased chance of incorrect or incomplete information to be submitted on a daily basis. This can cause problems right away and even months down the line.

An automated field service management system can eliminate all of these concerns and have you reaching new levels of efficiency and accuracy. The benefits are numerous and there is no downside. With many companies adopting this technology now is the time to make the switch so you can be fully operational and enjoying the benefits offered by the system while others are still considering it.

6. It’s a big commitment to make the switch

When you make the switch to the automated field service management system your existing system doesn’t disappear. It is simply replaced by a far more efficient and accurate process. Your paper-based traditional method will still be there if you want it to be a backup. Although the advantage of moving to an automated field service management system is that you will never need to resort to such old-school methods ever again.

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