6 Most Common Signs of a Sabotaging Coworker

Working in an office environment can be competitive. There may not be many opportunities to move up but we should all strive to do our best and work hard for the company. They say teamwork makes the dream work but not everyone wants to play their part.

There are those that want to get ahead by making others look bad. Some employees purposely sabotage the business for no other reason but to inflict damage. These types of people need to be weeded out so the company can flourish.

So how do you find a coworker that wants to sabotage the business or their fellow workers? Seek help from corporate investigation services and look for these common signs of a sabotaging coworker:

Sign #1: The coworker intentionally misses deadlines

Not every deadline is met on the job. Sometimes project run late but it’s usually the exception, not the rule. If you have a co-worker that is constantly missing deadlines on team projects, this could be a sign that they are intentionally being late to sabotage the company.

This can reflect badly on more than just themselves and could ultimately cost the business revenue and clients. If you notice a pattern of work coming in late from an employee, they might be doing it on purpose.

Sign #2: The coworker starts and spreads rumours

Gossip in the workplace can hurt people that’s why it’s another sign of a sabotaging coworker. You never want to be part of the rumour mill and certainly don’t want to spread misinformation.

A saboteur in the workplace may start spreading rumours about you or other coworkers in order to destroy reputations or paint an employee in a bad light. Pay attention to the source of any rumours you hear and if they are originating from the same person you may a problem.

Talking about people behind their back is cowardly and despicable. This employee wants to damage the camaraderie and morale in the office so it’s best to keep track of this gossip and report it to management before it gets out of hand.

Sign #3: The coworker steals other people’s ideas

Your job should be to put in full effort for your employer. Hard work gets rewarded and if you deserve credit for something, it needs to be recognized. There are those that want to get the glory for something they didn’t do to make them look good and you bad.

Whether it’s innovative ideas or extra overtime to finish projects, having a coworker take the credit for your job performance puts you in a bad light. They are trying to sabotage you and it needs to be nipped in the bud. Pay attention to any person stealing ideas and presenting them as their own. They are trying to get ahead by sabotaging their fellow workers.

Sign #4: The coworker doesn’t include you in meetings

There is important information shared in an office and if you fall out of the loop, you could miss crucial changes to projects and timelines. People can be missed off of email lists on occasion, especially in a large company.

A sabotaging worker will seek to have you or a coworker be excluded from the information flow so you falter. They want to hurt your productivity and hope it shines a negative light on your performance in the team. Take note if you see a pattern forming where someone is being intentionally left out at work. This is a sure sign that you have a saboteur.

Sign #5: The coworker has a negative attitude

Nobody wants to work but it is a necessity of life. If you are unhappy with your job you need to find a better one. Most people come to work to fund their lifestyle and while there they make the most of it. In a professional setting, you need to not only be cordial but have a positive team-oriented persona. This type of positive attitude is infectious but if someone is negative in the office, that brings everyone down.

This type of employee refuses to celebrate with the team when someone is rewarded for great work. They may leave early from a staff party or not show up at all. They may also be constantly pessimistic and complain about their workload and co-workers. It’s like poison in the company and they will only hurt the business with this kind of attitude.

Sign #6: The coworker is stirring up trouble

Other signs of a sabotaging coworker are backhanded compliments, being two-faced, and unusual interest in your personal life. They clearly don’t like their position in the company and seek to stir things up in a negative way.

Steer clear of this person but pay attention to any activity they do to disrupt the business and fellow coworkers. Find allies in the office and let your management know what is going on. Keep any disturbing emails or voice mails where you feel harassed or being taken advantage of.

By taking care of yourself when dealing with a sabotaging worker, you will ensure your reputation remains intact and you can protect the great coworkers around you. Everyone has bad days but when those days are every day, their negative habits at work may be intentional.

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