6 Popular Myths About Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

RV living is a great lifestyle enjoyed by many across the country. What draws many people too it is the freedom and the flexibility to travel anywhere and at your own pace. The only thing holding people back from realizing their RV vacation dreams is that they are not fully aware of all of the benefits that can be gained from having your own RV adventures.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, and to decide if the RV lifestyle is for you, you need to know the facts. We’ve put together some of the most common myths about recreational vehicles below so that you can make an informed choice.

1. All recreational vehicles are hard to drive

You will be very surprised by just how easy an RV is to drive. While the size of them can be intimidating, once you learn how they move and you have a bit of practice you will be wondering what you were so worried about this whole time.

To understand the basics there are a lot of videos on youtube that can help you to understand the best practices for driving a larger vehicle or trailers. You should also be very mindful of low ceilings in parking structures and bridges as you may not be used to thinking about these when you plan a route if all you have driven in the past is a car.

2. RVs are only for older people

It is true that many RV enthusiasts are older, but there are also a lot of young families that find this method of travel the best. As you are able to pack and set off at your leisure it can make travelling with small children or big families much easier than if you were to race to get to an airport on time and make sure that everyone’s travel document is in order.

3. You can’t drive an RV in the city

Just think about all of the large trucks that you have seen in downtown areas. You should be extra careful around other cars and there may be some restrictions on where you can drive, but for the most part, you should be able to get around without any problems. It is advisable that you plan your route in advance to avoid any low bridges or wires.

4. They don’t look cool

If you are someone who is concerned about appearances, your initial reaction may be to shy away from the recreational vehicle lifestyle. We encourage you to look at some of the latest models available. With modern onboard entertainment options and comfortable sleeping areas, spending time in your destination trailer might be in high demand from your friends and family.

5. You need to be an expert

The best part about RV vacations is that all you need to know is how to move the thing from point a to point b. You will not need to know about how to set up a tent, how to store food, how to build a fire or anything else that comes with an adventure like this. You will have all of the comforts of home right there in your RV. Of course, there are tips and tricks that you can learn over time, but ultimately, to get started all you need is the right attitude and the open road.

6. They’re expensive

Many find to their surprise that an RV is one of the most cost-effective purchases that they ever make. When you factor in the number of vacations that you will have in your RV over the years against the cost of hotels, flights and everything else that you have to pay for when on vacation the numbers really add up.

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