6 Questions to Help You Buy a New Bicycle

If you are planning on purchasing a bicycle for the first time, knowing what model is right for you can be difficult. There are many different styles, designs and models offered by companies which often leave shoppers confused. That’s why we’ve taken the stress out of searching for your new bike by outlining the top things you should ask yourself before purchasing a bike.

1. Where Will You Ride?

Prior to purchasing a city bicycle, you should consider where it is you plan on riding it. That’s because, certain models are better equipped to handle pavement, gravel or off-roading. If you intend to get the bike to ride leisurely in the city you will likely need a road bike. A road bike is a type of model that is specially geared towards handling pavement. Some specialty or hybrid bikes are suited for travelling on pavement.

However, if you intend to use the bicycle for handling off-roading trails or cross-country riding you will need to invest in a mountain bike. This model will be able to handle the unpredictable surface and drastically improve your comfort while riding.

2. What’s Your Budget?

Many first-time bike buyers are not aware of how expensive certain models can be. Prior to purchasing your bicycle, you should consider what your maximum budget would be, and only look art models within this price range. Plus, you should consider what you value in a bicycle to make it worth the cost.

3. Does it Need to Be Top Quality?

If you’re a first-time buyer, and are unsure how often you will be using the bicycle it may not be the best choice to get a high quality and expensive bicycle. Prior to purchasing, it is a good idea to consider the feature that you require to have an enjoyable ride. Knowing this prior to making a purchase can save you money and avoid you falling into sly sales tactic.

4. What Type of Riding Will You Do?

As it was mentioned above, you should consider where and how you will be riding the bike as different models are geared towards different styles. If you intend to use the bicycle to do cross-country or endurance style riding you should get a mountain bike. However, if you intend to use it to go short distances on stable ground you should consider a road bike.

5. Should You Get a High-Tech Bicycle?

Bicycles now come equipped with many different features. These features have gotten high- tech as technologically advances. This means, that prior to purchases your bicycle you should consider what type of high teach gear you actually need to ride. If you are a competitive bicycle rider, these features are absolutely essential.

Rather than paying additional costs for features you will likely never use, you should consider what it is you value in your ride. If you are someone who appreciates the additional tech upgrades, you should consider a bicycle with them. However, if you may not use them, you will likely prefer a simpler design.

6. Do You Intend to Commute with it?

If you live in a city and intend to use the bicycle as a means of transportation, you should make sure you purchase a bicycle that compliments the ride. This means, you will likely be getting a road bike which can handle pavement and roadways. You may want to consider a hybrid style of bike. These bikes are equipped to handle both smooth roadways as well as gravel and dirt. Knowing this prior to purchasing can make for a much smoother ride.

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