6 Travel Activities to Fully Enjoy Vietnam

Travelling is the most incredible way to learn about and experience a new culture, a foreign language, and incredible sights all at the same time. Vietnam offers all of these opportunities and more with its vibrant culture, beautiful sights and land, and friendly people.

One excellent way travellers can enhance their trip is to partake in a tour. Vietnam tours provide travellers with the opportunity to see not only the most popular sights, but also to experience things many travellers would never have the chance to experience. There are many reasons why choosing to embark on a Vietnam tour is an excellent choice for travellers.

1. See the sights

By taking a Vietnam tour, travellers will be sure not to miss out on any of the biggest sights. Vietnam boasts an incredible 3000 kilometre long coastline with plenty to explore, two UNESCO World Heritage locations, and a jaw-dropping countryside of mountains, villages and fields. Not to mention Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a bustling city with fascinating, old architecture. Of all the reasons to choose a Vietnam tour, simply being aware of all of the incredible adventures that await should be top of the list.

2. Explore some more

Vietnam tours will normally take travellers from the North, usually starting in Hanoi, to the South, ending in Ho Chi Minh City, and including such locations in between as Hue, Halong Bay, and Hoi An. Travellers in these tours have the opportunity to see so much more of Vietnam than many independent travellers get to do.

In addition to getting to explore the incredible country of Vietnam, many Vietnam tours also take travellers to surrounding countries like Cambodia and Laos, which simply allows travellers to explore even more of the world and experience even more amazing adventures.

3. Make friends

Vietnam tours are given in groups, which means travellers can choose to go alone or with friends, but will be joining a group of other adventurous people like themselves. It provides an incredible opportunity for people to meet others with similar interests as themselves, and who they can keep in contact with even after the tour is over. It means they have even more people to share an amazing experience with, and more people with whom they can enjoy the amazing sights of Vietnam.

4. Lose the stress

On the logistics side, taking a Vietnam tour can’t be beat because everything is taken care of. For one flat rate, all of the in-country transportation, accommodations, many meals, and entrance fees for activities and sights are all included. Also included are the English-speaking guides that stay with the group for the entire trip. These guides are knowledgeable about the country and the sights that the group is seeing, and they help facilitate the group’s travel.

5. Choose to go it solo

Although the tours are prepared for group travel, it is possible to customize an itinerary and forego the group experience. This option allows travellers to customize the trip they want, while still letting someone else worry about booking everything and taking care of itineraries and other logistic details. This is a great option for people who know what they want to see, as opposed to people who aren’t familiar with the possibilities Vietnam has to offer.

6. Choose a duration

Tours are available for all sorts of lengths from as short as a week to up to three weeks, or even more. This means that there are tours for every budget, every availability, and every preference. All that needs to happen then is for the traveller to choose the one that perfectly fits their needs.

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