6 Untrue Myths About Wooden Decks

It is the dream of many homeowners that one day they would have a beautiful wooden deck in their backyard where they could BBQ, entertain, or just relax with friends and family. Why doesn’t everyone have a deck you ask? Well, that’s because there is a lot of myths and misinformation out there about how much maintenance is required or just how much that actually cost. So that you have the right information and you can make the right decision for you on whether you should build a wooden deck or not we have gathered together the top six myths about decks below.

1. Wood decks are hard to maintain

It really doesn’t matter what material the deck is made of, it will still need to be cleaned every once in a while. Dirt will settle onto any surface inside and outside of your home. There is some maintenance associated with a wooden deck, but for the most part, you will be able to enjoy the deck without having to do a great deal. Cleaning and sealing a wood deck is simple and easy. The most important thing to keep in mind is that prevention is much better than a cure. To keep a wooden deck looking its best all you have to do is clean it regularly.

2. Wooden decks can splinter

There is a worry that wooden decks will occasionally mean that a child or pet will get a splinter in their hand. This can and does happen, but it is by no means a regular occurrence. The splintering of wood is caused when the wood expands and contracts throughout the changes in the season. You can help to reduce the amount of splinter to almost nothing by regularly sealing your wooden deck.

3. Wooden decks don’t last forever

If you are proactive with the care of your wooden deck and follow a plan of staining and sealing the wood can remain in great shape for decades.

4. A real wooden deck is too expensive

When you look at the cost of building a wooden deck you may actually be surprised at how affordable it really is. Another thing to bear in mind is that once the deck is complete, the resale value of your home will have increased significantly. It is better to think of the wooden deck as an investment in your home’s value. Along with many other home improvement projects the addition of a wooden deck will show significant return when it comes to selling your home. In fact, many homeowners will often look into this as a way to increase the value of their home before selling.

5. Wooden decks are destroying the forests

A lot of the lumber that is used to build decks in North America is from sustainably managed forests. This is a point of pride among the best decking companies and if you are at all concerned about the source of the lumber that will be used in your wooden deck then you should feel free to ask.

6. I won’t spend too much time out there in the winter

When you think of spending time on your deck, you will probably be imagining the summertime in the hot weather. It is a common misconception that you can only really use decks during the summer. In the winter you can all gather around a custom built fire pit and enjoy being outside in the winter. Or even enjoy a good book wrapped up warm during the fall.

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