6 Warning Signs Your Old Motorcycle Helmet Is Dangerous

Motorcycle riders understand the importance of wearing a helmet. It protects them from head injuries in case of an accident.  Essentially, keeping your helmet in good condition is vital for guaranteed protection.

If you consistently wear a helmet, it’s important to replace it after some time to maintain its ability to protect you in case of an accident. Helmet manufacturers and safety institutions recommend all riders to consider replacing their helmets after every three to five years.

Buying a helmet from a reputable manufacturer ensures safety standards that can withstand unintended wear and tear. However, despite the durability assurance of a good helmet, there are warning signs that tell you it’s time to replace it. Below are six of these signs:

1. Age of Your Helmet

Helmet age is one of the signs to look out for before replacing it. If you have worn a helmet consistently for 5 years, consider replacing it. A helmet may appear perfect but due to its age and exposure to the elements, it deteriorates with time. It is therefore important to replace it regularly.  When exposed to weather elements such as UV rays and dirt, its ability to protect you is highly compromised.

2. Helmet Usage

Wearing a helmet every day makes it wear and tear fast. Consequently, the integrity of your helmet weakens over time. Regular helmet replacement enhances its ability to protect you.

3. Accidents

If you were involved in an accident and assuming the helmet did its work, chances are it will be useless after the accident. It’s important to replace the helmet if you have been involved in an accident. Since, a minor accident may have left your helmet intact, inspect it thoroughly before replacing it. However, if you cannot fix it, consider replacing it. Never wear a broken helmet.

4. Loose Helmet

A loose helmet is a sure sign you need to replace it. To determine if your helmet is loose, shake it from side-to-side while it’s on your head. If it slides, it’s time for a replacement; otherwise, it should hold your head tightly in place to keep you safe in case of an accident. It protects you from brain injury, a common condition among riders who get into accidents while wearing a loose helmet. Rather than risk your life, make sure it fits correctly.

5. Deterioration of Your Helmet

A helmet may look perfect on the outside when its interiors are falling apart. If the interiors are flaking off on your shoulders and hair, consider purchasing a new helmet. On the other hand, the interiors may be intact but the exteriors are wanting. The damage can be in the form of a cracking shell that soon starts to fall apart. If this happens to your helmet, get a new one; but don’t wear a cracked helmet as this can expose you to injuries.

6. Lock or Strap Failure

A helmet chin strap is a vital component for keeping your helmet tight. The failure of locks compromises your safety during an accident. Replacing your helmet’s chin strap or the lock can greatly enhance the integrity of your helmet.

Safety while riding your motorcycle or ATV is a major consideration. Make sure you are protected from injuries by always wearing a working helmet. Regular maintenance and proper storage ensure your helmet is in good condition. Rather than gamble with your life, buy your helmet from reputable manufacturers. Lastly, never wear a used helmet since it may have hidden cracks that could risk your life. Always consider the age of your helmet before making a decision to replace it.

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