7 Best Home Remedies to Make Hardwood Floors Shine

A well-polished floor is something that warrants immediate attention. The moment you enter a home or building, it will be something you notice first. The gloss of the hardwood shines in a way that illuminates the surrounding space. That is why many homeowners are taking it upon themselves to emulate this feature.

Overtime, our floors may deteriorate in appearance. If you are in need of a home remedy to fix this, you are in luck. There are a myriad of solutions to use, in order to make your flooring shine.

Here are seven home remedies to make hardwood floors shine:

Home Remedy #1: Water And Vinegar

For those who have used vinegar in various facets, you’ll know just how useful the liquid is. However, did you know that it can also be used to give your flooring an awesome polish? It can be as basic as mixing the liquid with some warm water. The resulting combination can penetrate stubborn grime hidden on the surface.

If you have a hardwood floor, no matter the type, you’ll know just how easy it is to stain. By using a mixture of water and vinegar, stains can be released outright. Then, a simple wipe down of the floor will return it to its natural, shiny state.

Home Remedy #2: Lemon Juice And Water

A good home remedy to make hardwood floors shine is lemon juice and water. With the right amount of water being used, this natural home remedy can be used to shine your engineered hardwood flooring. If you don’t have vinegar readily available, lemon juice will be your next best bet. Before you create a solution, you’ll have to ensure that the lemon juice has been diluted with warm water.

After this step has been taken care, place the mixture into a bucket. Then, as you would have done with the vinegar solution, mop your floors. The natural chemicals from the solution gives your flooring an excellent, lemon scent. There is no better smell than citrus, upon entering your home!

Home Remedy #3: Essential Oils

Using water and vinegar, as a means for shining your floors, is relatively basic. In most cases, the amalgamation works! However, in the instances where it doesn’t, add some essential oils to the mix. The resulting home remedy strengthens its capacity to pierce through stubborn muck.

Essential oils also come in a myriad of scents. Depending on your preference, choose one that you would like to smell when traversing your home. Add a few drops to your solution, and mop your floors accordingly. A natural shine will manifest, after the remedy has thoroughly dried.

Home Remedy #4: Tea

If you have an excess of tea in your pantry, you may be in luck. Tea has recently been discovered to be an excellent way of cleaning your home’s floors. In addition, it can also polish them in a way you never thought possible. The process, like the others before it, is just as simple.

First, brew a few tea bags in water. This subsequent mixture will be used as the floor’s cleaner. The remedy comes down to the acidity inside the tea; it aids in removing grime from surfaces. For those hard to reach areas, this is a tremendous means of removing dirt out of them. Afterwards, brew yourself a cup as you admire your floor’s new shine!

Home Remedy #5: Vinegar And Vegetable Oil

Some wooden surfaces are vulnerable to an excess of liquid. Since most home-based remedies contain water, you’ll have to be careful. Using a large amount of water on wooden floors can cause unwarranted damage.

In order to prevent this from occurring, it is recommended to use another liquid-based solution. Vinegar and vegetable oil is a natural home remedy used to polish your flooring. Instead of using a bucket and a mop, place the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the entirety of the floor, and wipe it down accordingly.

Home Remedy #6: Dish Detergent

Adding in dish detergent to your water and vinegar mixture is a sure-fire way of cleaning and polishing your floors. This is especially true for those who have laminate hardwood flooring. Grab a microfiber cloth, soak it in the solution, and proceed to clean your floors.

Home Remedy #7: Olive Oil

Of all the home remedies mentioned thus far, this one is the most commonly-used method. Mix in a modest amount of olive oil with some water and vinegar. The resulting solution is a natural means of restoring shine back to your hardwood floors. You can thank the olive oil here; the floors will look almost brand new as a result!

Cleaning the floors in your home is one thing, but restoring shine to it is another. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a professional cleaning service. By mixing together a few ingredients in your home’s pantry, you’ll have the perfect fix on hand. Plus, the resulting scent is a bonus to the shine you will achieve!

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