7 Home Protection Tips While You Are Travelling

When you are away, it is important to keep your home safe from burglars and other intruders. Whether you are gone for a day, weekend, or extended vacation, you want to protect your property so that it is in the same condition when you return home with all your valuables and not-so-valuable possessions safe and where you left them.

If you are leaving your house, it is essential to keep your area an uninviting place to discourage unwanted guests from making themselves at home in your place. These tips will help you keep your place clear of intruders. Being diligent is always important every time your place is vacated. The longer you are away, the higher the risk of someone entering when they are not welcome. Here are steps you should take when leaving your premises unattended.

1. Lock Everything

When leaving your place empty, it is more difficult to gain entrance when everything is locked up tightly. Windows, doors, garages, gates, and all other points of entrance should be securely sealed so strangers cannot enter your place through these portals. Contact a locksmith if you believe your home isn’t fully secured in any space or corner.

2. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

All your valuables should be out of sight before leaving. Stowing them in a safe or other area of your home where they cannot be easily seen or accessed will deter burglars from coming into your home or taking your stuff while you are not home.

3. Use Timers

If you are going to be away for several days, timers can be used to turn lights and appliances on and off so it looks like someone is still in the residence. If strangers believe someone is home, they will be less inclined to try to break in.

4. Lived In Look

When leaving for several days, your home should not look like you are away. Give your place the appearance that someone is still in the place. Put a hold on daily newspaper and mail delivery, have someone take care of the yard work, attach the timers to lighting and appliances like the TV and keep your curtains in their normal position when you are home. Meaning, if you like your drapery to be slightly open, leave them slightly open when you are away so they do not look out of the norm.

5. Hire a House Sitter

If you don’t have a friend or family member to check in on your property when you are away, hire a professional house sitter to visit your home daily. Your sitter can check for any issues, empty the mailbox, and provide activity in your place so it will look like someone is there.

6. Notify the Alarm Company

If you are planning a trip, contact your alarm company prior to leaving to let them know what dates you will be away. If unusual activity occurs during that time, they can alert the authorities sooner.

7. Avoid Posting On Social Media

Many people like to post their travels on their social media pages. However, by letting people know you are on a vacation, you are letting strangers know your residence is empty.  Intruders have taken advantage of these opportunities to burglarize homes. Security features can be hacked and information can be shared. If you want to post vacation pics, share them on your sites after you return from your holiday.

Every time you leave your home, it is vulnerable to intruders. Whether you are away for a few hours or several days, your place is unguarded. By taking home safety precautions, you can protect your most valuable assets safe from unsavoury passerby.

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