7 Popular Myths About Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has become extremely popular over the last several years and more and more homeowners are switching out their carpeting for this elegant flooring, instead. However, there are still quite a few people who believe the myths that circulate about hardwood flooring as well. In this list, you will find a few of those myths and the facts that debunk them as well.

1. Wood Floors Are Extremely Expensive

While wood floors may cost quite a bit in the beginning, when compared to other flooring options, they pay for themselves in the long run. If you think about it, wood floors are completely cost-effective because they can last hundreds of years, especially if they are installed right and taken care of properly. Try doing that with carpeting or linoleum.

2. Wood Flooring is Hard to Keep Clean

This is one of the biggest myths out there regarding wood floors. They are actually simple to maintain. You sweep, dust mop, or even vacuum them, with the beater brush off, and that will remove dirt and debris from the floor. If they start to look a little dull, then you simply using a wood flooring cleaner, one that your installer recommended, will restore the shine and elegance to your floor with ease. It is recommended to avoid wet mopping or steam mopping your hardwood floors, because it can dull the shine.

3. Wood Flooring Scratches Really Easily

It is a fact that all types of flooring are going to show wear and tear over time. However, most scratches on wood floors are on the surface and can easily be removed. They don’t scratch easily however, if you are careful to not drag heavy furniture and other objects across the floor. You can also minimize the possibility of scratches by scattering throw rugs across common traffic areas and trimming dog’s claws.

4. Putting Wood Floors in is Useless if You Plan to Move

Some homeowners feel that investing in wood floors for their home is a bad idea, if you plan on moving in the future. However, what they don’t realize is that wood floors can raise the value of the home and help you to justify the price you are asking when the home goes on the market.

5. Wood Flooring Makes a Room Cold

The myth that wood floors make a home cold are unfounded. Actually, wood has more of an insulating ability that many other flooring options. Wood retains the warmth put out by your HVAC system, which helps with the overall warmth of the room as well. If you are still worried about wood making your room cold, spreading throw rugs out beside beds and in front of couches for people to stand on when they get up, will take care of that easily.

6. Wood Flooring Makes Global Warming Worse

One myth that has stopped many homeowners from investing in wood flooring is the one that states that cutting down trees for wood floors contributes to global warming. In reality, the main cause of global warming is a chemical called carbon dioxide. Wood flooring is actually a carbon neutral product, which means it is environmentally safe to use in your home and still keep your carbon footprint green.

7. Wood Floors Show Every Speck of Dirt and Dust

The dirt and dust that builds up on wood floors is on your carpeting and other flooring options as well. It just shows up better on wood floors. If you keep your floors clean and sweep them every day, they will remain dust and dirt free.

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