7 Steps to Pick a Dance Studio for Your Child

Children have boundless energy that constantly seeks expression in a variety of ways. When properly directed, this energy helps your child to grow into a balanced outgoing adult.

One of the best activities you can engage your child in is dance. Dance helps in improving the physical and mental balance of your child. Besides, the rigour and the discipline it requires to be a good dancer forces your child to stay constantly focused and disciplined in order to master the various dance routines.

The ideal dance class is one that amplifies your child’s interests and potential. When selecting the best dance classes for your child, the following tips should help.

1. Find Out the Kind of Dance Your Child Likes

There is no single ideal dance style. The best dance style is the one that resonates with your child. Always remember that you are looking for your child’s dance interests, not yours. Whether they enjoy ballet, rap or any other style, the most important thing is to ensure that the class offers dance styles that your child actually enjoys. Of course, you should expose your child to as many dance forms as possible to be in a position to decide which ones they like most.

2. Involve Your Child in the Search for an Appropriate School

Your child should accompany you during your visits to potential dance schools. Since they will be the ones attending the classes, it makes sense to bring them along. Always remember that your child’s interests when it comes to various dance forms may be very different from your ideal. Expose them to different schools and then let them decide which one they prefer.

3. Get to Know the Dance Instructor and the School’s History

It helps to know the history of the dance school you plan to enrol your child in. The instructors should also be adequately trained and have experience performing to live audiences. Check out some of their dance routines on youtube to establish their prowess in a certain dance form. You might also want to do a background check on them to establish whether they have had a criminal record.

4. Consider the Size of the Class

One of the things you will be looking for is personalized attention for your child. If the class has too many students, chances are that the instructor will not have enough time to focus on any one of them. The class should have as few students as possible. Make sure that the instructor: student ratio provides enough room for personalized attention to your child.

5. Get Referrals

If you have friends, relatives and neighbours who have enrolled their children in dance schools, ask them for a recommendation. If they were happy with the school, they would be more than willing to recommend the same for your child.

6. Compare the Facilities the School Provides

You should first establish if the dance facilities are adequate or appropriate for your child. The dance area should be built to the highest standards possible. It should be spacious, properly aired, and appropriate for the recommended class size. It should also feature large mirrors on walls and a couple of sturdy bars for ballet classes.

7. Compare Training Costs

The cost of training is another major consideration when looking for a dance school. If you are satisfied with the school, facilities, instructors and the location of the school, find out how much it would cost to enrol your child there. You need to establish whether there are extra costs for equipment purchase.

Besides helping children maintain a healthy physique, dancing also boosts the confidence of your child. However, not every dance school is ideal for your child.

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