7 Types of Cattle and Their Characteristics

Learning about the many types of cattle can be a fun thing to do. This is likely to be a fascinating topic especially if you’re a farmer or thinking about being one. Fortunately, there are several cattle on the market that you can opt to raise.

If you wish to make enough profits from farming, finding the right cattle to add to your ranch is essential for the best success. You should aim to learn more about the various types of cattle. Your knowledge will allow you to appear well-educated in this field.

Regardless of why you want to learn more about cattle, there are some interesting facts that you may find useful. Below are the different types of cattle:

1. Black Angus

When it comes to the most common types of cattle on the market, you may be interested to know this is the Black Angus. Studies show there are over 330,000 of this animal type registered.

Some of the reasons these cattle may be so famous could be because this animal requires very little maintenance. Simply keep the cow feed, and you’ll be able to see fast growth in time. Additionally, many people truly love eating this type of meat because it’s very flavourful. You won’t have any issues selling Black Angus at any time.

2. Hereford

Did you know that the reddish cattle you see a great deal in the pastures when driving to many destinations may be Hereford? These are widespread cattle and could be some of the most visibly known.

The benefits of raising Hereford cattle include these being a very easy-going type of cattle and easy to maintain. You won’t have to usually worry about this breed trying to harm you because this isn’t often the nature of this animal. Other reasons to raise Hereford’s include being good mothers to young calves and easy to milk. You’re likely to truly enjoy this type of cattle and can make money off these as a farmer.

3. Red Angus

There is also another Angus breed, and this is known as the Red Angus. These types of cattle are red in colour and offer many benefits to the owner.

If you enjoy a docile type of cattle that has excellent mothering skills, you may want to choose this type. You won’t have any issues keeping these cattle contained because this is a very gentle breed.

Additionally, this type is prevalent because of the flavourful meat of this animal. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to earn a great deal if you’re a farmer and this is your breed of choice.

4. Texas longhorn

One of the first names that may come to mind when you think of cattle is Texas Longhorn. This is a prevalent breed and is easily recognized by many.

Some of the reasons you may enjoy this type of cattle include the diverse colouring that this animal boasts having. Other things may consist of the massive horns of this cattle type and the popularity of this breed.

Most farmers are very familiar with the name and type of this cattle. You’re sure to be in the majority if you have Texas Longhorns on your ranch. When raising this type of cattle, make sure the cattle get enough water from the troughs to keep these animals healthy.

5. Holstein

You may see quite a few of the black and white cattle in the pasture when you’re out and about driving. These are easy to spot and usually are equated with many cow photos you may see online.

This cattle breed is known as the Holstein and may be one of the most popular types for dairy. One of the top reasons this breed is so popular may be due to the quality of beef this animal does offer.

6. Highlands

If you’re looking for a cattle breed that doesn’t require a lot of work, you may want to consider the Highland variety. This type requires little shelter, feed or any supplements that others may need.

Fortunately, cold weather doesn’t typically affect the Highland breed, and this is good if you’re in a cold climate. The long lashes of the Highland do help shield their eyes from many of the outside insects.

The meat of the Highland cattle is lean and tasteful. This is sure to be one of the reasons many people may truly enjoy raising this breed of cows.

7. Gelbvieh

This cattle type is prevalent and one that you’re very likely to find on many farms. The Gelbvieh is red in colour and has horns.

The reasons to own this type of cow include that it boasts a high fertility rate and it’s a great mother to newborn calves. If you wish to have a farm that flourishes, you may want to add this breed to it.

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