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7 Types of Cooling Clothes for Hot Weather

The weather’s about to heat up in a big way and being outdoors in the wrong clothes can be challenging. Devices and attire make all the difference in the world. Equip yourself with everything you need to forget the heat, with a range of breathable clothing and moisture-absorbing accessories.

Here are the best cooling clothes for hot weather:

1. Shirts

The Arctic Cool Cooling Shirt is perfect for men and women. The material’s a combination of polyester and spandex, with a technology that’s supposed to disperse sweat so that it rapidly evaporates. This evaporation will keep you cool while hugging your skin. In humid climates, needless to say, it’s probably not going to work very well. These make for an excellent summer walking or running shirt.

Instant cooling shirts use block ice technology which use ice and tubes embedded in a short to essentially circulate cold water close to the skin. Anyone working in construction or in hot environments, as well as athletes, this can be one example of cooling clothes which can help minimize the heat. Block ice technology is not as popular as other cooling clothes on this list however it certainly gets the job done for those who wear it.

2. Dress shirts

In hot weather and you’re dressed to the nines in your best business suit, we’ve all been there before when the sweat starts to pour and it just ruins your dress shirt. The Fly Hawk Men’s Dress Shirt is slim, fit, and long-sleeve, and the high-quality fiber material is very summer-friendly, breathable, and yes, wicks away that moisture. Now, you can look as sharp as you want and get yourself looking your best without worrying about those sweat patches coming through.

The Apollo 3 dress shirt is a button-downed short that breathes, based on a material originally developed by NASA to be 19 times more breathable than cotton. Mobility’s not restricted and the fit’s comfortable. On the hottest days when you’ve got to run out and you want something to wear casually, the Apollo 3 shirt will fit the bill.

3. Bamboo fiber clothing

Any sort of bamboo fiber clothing, brand-name or not, is going to have some great moisture-wicking properties. Bamboo fibers draw sweat from the skin which allows for quicker evaporation. Unlike linen, bamboo is also soft and smooth with none of the irritation of other materials. Some brands are using bamboo fibers to make clothing such as underwear and sports bras as well as outerwear and athletic clothing.

4. Cooling vests

Cooling vests are one of the trendiest hot weather clothing types there is. These types of personal cooling vests provide hot weather stress relief and will help keep you cool in even the highest of temperatures. These vests are perfect for maintaining a safe body temperature and uses various materials to keep a person comfy. In some cases, an embedded gel is used as a body-cooling technique. In other cases, they may use small, thin cooling packs to keep you cool. There are evidently different approaches to cooling vests, depending on the brand you select.

5. Pants

Nonwe’s Outdoor Hiking Pants are quick-drying which makes them ideal for hiking, running, or traveling. The adjustable elastic weight makes them a very comfortable fit, no matter the size. The material itself is very lightweight and quick to dry. When the heat gets a little too intense and a wearer doesn’t want to be trapped in pants all day, there’s a drawstring on each leg allowing you to roll them up. This is a great pair of pants to keep you cool in hot weather.

6. Socks

A great opportunity to put bamboo clothing to use is in the form of socks and the Q.T. Bamboo company has got these types of socks down for pat. Think of how sweaty and stinky your socks can become in the summertime. If you’ve ever had a problem with sweating like this in the past, try on some bamboo socks which are generally more breathable, anti-bacterial, and moisture-wicking.

7. Hats & Bandanas

One way to cool yourself down is through the traditional method of soaking a bandana in water and then, tying it around the neck. Although this is one way to cool down, we’re talking cooling clothes. Clothes-wise, there’s the Icy Cool Ice Bandana which uses a neoprene insulated tube taken from the freezer and it sits tied loosely around the neck. You’ll instantly feel cooler and the terrycloth covering will prevent your skin from getting too cold.

Columbia Sportswear has come up with a new kind of cooling hat for hot weather, using a cooling polymer inside the inner rim. The omni-freeze fabric is said to be more efficient than evaporative systems, using your sweat to keep the cold air flowing. In low-humidity climates, the Columbia Sportswear Coolhead Hat works wonders at keeping your head a little colder. In high-humidity environments, you may choose other cooling clothes on this list.

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